Hotels to remember: Umbria

Il Fontanaro


Locanda Palazzone


From € 210.56

Park Hotel ai Cappuccini


From € 130.00

Palazzo Leti


From € 113.00

Borgo della Marmotta


From € 94.50

Hotel Palazzo Bocci


From € 80.00

Castello di Petroia

Scritto di Gubbio

From € 162.00

Relais San Biagio

Nocera Umbra

From € 42.00

Locanda del Prete

Saragano - Gualdo Cattaneo

From € 120.00

Hotel Vannucci

Città della Pieve

From € 152.00

Villa Milani


Il Cantico della Natura

Montesperello di Magione

From € 129.00

Villa di Monte Solare

Tavernelle di Panicale

Relais Tenuta del Gallo

Macchie, Amelia

From € 114.00

La Locanda del Capitano


From € 80.00

Il Melograno


La Rocca dei Trinci

Capodacqua di Foligno



From € 210.00

Torre della Botonta

Castel San Giovanni

L'Antico Forziere


From € 65.00

Fattoria di Vibio

Montecastello di Vibio

La Badia di Orvieto


From € 104.00

Podere Le Olle


From € 72.00

Hotel Villa Zuccari


From € 110.00

San Pietro Sopra Le Acque...

Massa Martana

From € 68.00

Tenuta di Canonica


From € 130.00



Brigolante Guest Apartments


From € 80.00

Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica


From € 150.00

San Luca


From € 90.00

Logge del Perugino Resort

Città della Pieve

From € 144.00

Le Tre Vaselle


From € 119.00

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Umbria: suggestions from the insiders

Rebecca Winke


Rebecca Winke

The Best of Umbria's Food and Wine (and where to find it!) (Eating Up Umbria) →

Chiara Costanzi


Abbazia San Pietro in Valle

Historical Residences

Chiara Costanzi

Wilde and untouched nature: we are inside the protected Park of Fiume Nera, which flows into the highest natural waterfall in Europe: the Marmora Falls. (Abbazia San Pietro in Valle) →

Leonardo Cipiccia


Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica

Historical Residences

In the peaceful countryside, close to any number of beautifully conserved medieval towns and villages: it's the perfect base for a relaxing holiday in Umbria ... (Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica) →

elisa cerqueglini


Torre della Botonta

Historical Residences

elisa cerqueglini

Torre della Botonta (Tower of Botonta) is part of the medieval fortified village of Castle San Giovanni, dating back to the 14th century, nestled in the heart of Umbria. (Torre della Botonta) →


Umbria at a glance

Umbria Hotel

Pure like the waters of its springs, mystic like its cathedrals, unspoilt like its parks and mountains, vibrant like the jazz music which fills its piazzas, genuine and generous like its people.

Many of those visiting Umbria come to the conclusion that St. Francis, the great, gentle, and poetic Saint of content and simplicity, known for his love of the natural world, could not possibly have been born anywhere else. Indeed there is no lack of religious sentiment in this "spiritual heart of Italy", the enchanting green landscapes of which are dotted with any number of ancient chapels, churches, and abbeys. This small, land-locked region is rich in little hill towns and beautifully preserved Medieval cities, each and every one conserving stunning works of art and architecture, and its own unique gastronomic traditions.