Hotels to remember: Todi



From € 210.00

Torre Almonte


From € 190.00

Locanda Palazzone


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Hotel Villa Zuccari


From € 129.00

Villa Milani


Borgo della Marmotta


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Fattoria di Vibio

Montecastello di Vibio

Hotel Vannucci

Città della Pieve

From € 109.00

Griffin's Resort


From € 112.00

Relais Tenuta del Gallo

Macchie, Amelia

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San Luca


From € 90.00

Torre della Botonta

Castel San Giovanni

Palazzo Leti


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La Badia di Orvieto


From € 109.00

San Pietro Sopra Le Acque...

Massa Martana

From € 89.00

Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica


From € 150.00

Locanda del Prete

Saragano - Gualdo Cattaneo

From € 120.00

Tenuta di Canonica


From € 130.00

L'Antico Forziere


From € 70.00



Travel ideas

Todi: introduction

Todi Hotel

Those visiting Todi will, undoubtedly, want to discover the cultural attractions of the city, birthplace of the poet Jacopone di Todi, famous for his poems in dialect and one of the first in Italy to compose in dialect.

Although they may already know of Todi's mythological narratives which tell of its origins, the visitor will most certainly be surprised to discover the beauty of the monuments of the Medieval era and the works of art of the Renaissance period.

Amongst these, the Palazzo del Capitano, the Palazzo dei Priori, the Cathedral, the Church of St Fortunato, the city's patron saint and, finally, the Temple della Consolazione which houses numerous works of art. Even if Todi's past has been a bloody one, with numerous battles involving pillage and hostility, today Todi is known as a gloriously peaceful city of culture.

Todi: suggestions from the hotels

Beatrice De Berdt

(Front & back office)

Hotel Vannucci

4 Star Hotels

Umbria, Tuscany, and Lazio can be comfortably explored from Citta' della Pieve, perched on a hilltop 508 metres above sea level, over-looking Lake Trasimeno, and the enchanting Chiana valley. (Hotel Vannucci) →

Leonardo Cipiccia


Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica

Historical Residences

In the peaceful countryside, close to any number of beautifully conserved medieval towns and villages: it's the perfect base for a relaxing holiday in Umbria ... (Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica) →

Diego Petrella


San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort & Spa

Historical Residences

Because it is possible to combine art and nature: from here you can easily reach some of the most beautiful towns of Umbria as Todi and Spoleto or venture into trekking. (San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort & Spa) →