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The fame of Cascia, a charming town close to the River Corno, has been exalted by the cult of a nun who became famous throughout the world for her blessings: St Rita. Thanks to St Rita, Cascia has become the chosen destination of a religious tourism drawn to the towns and places of worship. The Basilica and Monastery of St Rita, filled with frescoes and sacred furnishings of immense artistic value and the celebrations of the 21st and 22nd of May are of particular interest.

But Cascia has more than its religious identity: like all of the Umbrian towns, it conserves its medieval architecture with sites of tourist interest such as the gothic Church of St Francis, the Church of St Antonio Abate, the Collegiate of St Maria, the towns oldest Palazzo, the Church of St Agostino and Palazzo Carli. Cascia is of artistic importance, having a series of canvases depicting the life of St Antonio Abate, the wooden crucifix and other precious artworks from the 1400s.

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Chiara Costanzi


Abbazia San Pietro in Valle

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Chiara Costanzi

Wilde and untouched nature: we are inside the protected Park of Fiume Nera, which flows into the highest natural waterfall in Europe: the Marmora Falls. (Abbazia San Pietro in Valle) →

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