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Just a few kilometers from Perugia, lies a town of medieval origin which, over the centuries, has developed in to flourishing industrial center of the Middle Tiber valley: Marsciano. The town's edifices are evidence of Marsciano's important terracotta and brick industry, in honour of which a Museum has been created. The Dynamic Museum of Brick-making and Terracotta is located in the 14th century Palazzo Pietromarchi, building which also houses a fresco by none other than the great Pinturicchio.

In the historic center, orginally accessed via the Porta Vecchia, the remains of the Castle of the Counts of Marsciano can be seen. Walking through the maze of narrow roads, typical of the middle ages, visitors arrive at the parish church dedicated to St John the Baptist, patron saint of Marsciano. Here, an important wooden crucifix and a fresco depicting the Madonna and Child and attributed to the Perugino School, can be admired.

Surrounding the town, lies the gently undulating Umbrian countryside in which to find tiny, almost unknown towns and villages, many of which contain artistic treasures of quite inestimable value. Such is the case of Cerqueto, in the parish of San Sebastiano, home to what remains of the first fresco painted by Perugino, depicting the martyrdom of St Sebastian.

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Francesco Micci


Il Cantico della Natura

Farmhouse Holidays

Francesco Micci

The Song of Nature is an Eco Resort and Organic farm on Lake Trasimeno located in a beautiful stone house of 1600 surrounded by a centuries-old olive grove of 400 years and 30 hectares of woods and unspoiled nature. (Il Cantico della Natura) →

Alina Pinelli


Il Fontanaro

Farmhouse Holidays

Alina Pinelli

Until now it has been difficult to find more than 'rustic charm' when it comes to renting a Villa in Umbria, with our unique "Fontanaro" Concierge 2.0 service and luxurious styling,. see also (Il Fontanaro) →

Giuseppe Nuzzaci


Villa Nuba Charming Apartments

Countryside Residences

Giuseppe Nuzzaci

Villa Nuba is the only charming holiday rentals in Perugia.Right in the heart of Umbria.Perugia is one of the most beautiful medieval and etruscan cities in Italy and the perfect place from where to explore the rest of this lovely region. (Villa Nuba Charming Apartments) →

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