Hotels to remember: Liguria

Superior Suite 501

Diano Marina

Mediterraneo Emotional Hotel...

Santa Margherita Ligure

From € 166.00

Locanda di Palazzo Cicala


From € 109.00

Relais del Maro


From € 75.00

Hotel Helvetia

Sestri Levante

From € 230.00

Vis à Vis

Sestri Levante

From € 170.50

Grand Hotel Diana Majestic

Diano Marina

From € 125.00

La Madonetta


From € 76.00

Villa Edera


From € 135.00

Hotel Miramare

Sestri Levante

From € 130.00

Eremo di S. M. Maddalena

Monterosso al Mare

From € 230.00

Hotel Rossini al Teatro


From € 67.00

Residence dei Due Porti


From € 85.00

La Torretta


From € 160.00

Royal Hotel Sanremo


From € 141.00

La Meridiana




Hotel Parigi


From € 120.00

La Sosta di Ottone III


From € 265.00

Imperiale Palace Hotel

Santa Margherita Ligure

From € 260.00

Grand Hotel Miramare

S. Margherita Ligure

From € 321.00

Liguria: suggestions from the insiders

Rebecca Winke


Rebecca Winke

Italy's best hiking and walking trails (The Road Less Travelled) →

Maria Giovanna Argiolas

(Room Division Manager)

Imperiale Palace Hotel

5 Star Hotels

Santa Margherita Ligure is a lovely town overlooking the Tigullio' s Gulf, surrounded by a park of Portofino's Mount. (Imperiale Palace Hotel) →



Residence dei Due Porti

Seaside Residences

The "Ponente ligure" bike path of the coastal park is one of the longest in the Mediterranean area: it has a total length of 20 km. The route is fully accessible by the pedestrians and cyclists in both directions. (Residence dei Due Porti) →

Elena Scalambrin


Relais del Maro

3 Star Hotels

Elena Scalambrin

Liguria, a little strip of paradise between the mountains and the sea, is perfect for skiing, trekking, cycling, fishing and much more besides... with a marvelous mild climate too (Relais del Maro) →


Liguria at a glance

Liguria Hotel

A region where the sea can be found everywhere: lapping its fishing villages and the indented coastline, in the ancient roads of its cities and amidst the flowers of the Riviera, in the faces and the history of the people.

Occupying the north western coastal area of Italy, Liguria is a narrow curve of land home to world-famous beaches, a rocky coastline and enchanting countryside, squeezed between the mountains and the sea. Travelling along the spectacular coastal road which hugs the shores of Liguria, visitors are party to a wonderful game of light and shadow, passing through a series of tunnels, which open to reveal glimpses of enchanting bays and dramatic escarpments covered with an exuberant Mediterranean flora, which seems to almost cascade into the shimmering sea. Liguria is home to the glamorous seaside resort of Portofino, the Cinque Terre and Genoa, city which conserves a glorious past as a Italian maritime republic.