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At an important crossroad on the route to Rome, Grossetto is the largest town in the Tuscan Maremma region, a bustling hub of agricultural and industrial activity and tourism, which is of national importance. The city walls guard the oldest part of Grossetto, whilst outside one finds the areas of more recent construction.

The person who, according to history, contributed the most to the development of the city was without doubt Leopoldo II, in honour of whom a monument was erected in the main square. Among the places to visit: the Medici Walls, the Civic Natural History Museum, the Archaeological Museum of the Maremma, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Chelliana Library, and, for those interested in marine life, the towns Aquarium should not be missed.

Grossetto hosts a great number of traditional events: Primavera Maremmana, Salto della Contessa, Rincorsa di St Lorenzo (the towns patron saint), the Fiera del Madonnino, the Torneo dei Butteri, the Raduno dei Maggerini, and numerous fairs celebrating the local gastronomic traditions.

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The Maremma is still a genuine land where the scenery is different and exciting . Nature is the mistress: a vast territory that in just 100 km offers wonderful sea and a mountain over 1700 meters high. Wine and local product are excellent. (Relais Vedetta) →

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A mild climate, a vast array of activities - from wellness, to gourmet, to sports, to beaches - and a striking land that stretches between Mediterranean coast and Tuscany's rolling hills: the ideal location for an unforgettable vacation! (Argentario Resort Golf & Spa) →

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The Maremma is rich in Etruscan history, hot springs, villages on tufaceous masses, unspoiled nature, lakes, wild animals, mountains, crystal clear sea, museums, genuine food and authentic Tuscan hospitality. (Agriturismo Biologico Sant'Egle ) →