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Two principal routes through the city give an idea of the great cultural and artistic importance of Nicosia: the Medieval Nicosia and the Baroque Nicosia, with an impressive number of Palazzi and Churches. The city straddles the four rocky hills of Salvatore, Castello, Monteoliveto and Cappuccini. The vernacular architecture makes masterly use of the local stone, carved by the town's able stone masons.

Craftsmanship flourishes in this town where multicolored carpets and hand woven baskets are still produced. Numerous events are held here: the Infiorata, Estate Nicosiana, the Palio Nicosiano, and then popular celebrations, like "U Scuontro", the Festa di San Francesco di Paola, the Festa del beato Felice di Nicosia, the Madonna della Catena, the Festa di San Michele, the Madonna dell'Aiuto and Natale Nicosiano.

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Tommaso Rizzuto

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Masseria Susafa

Farmhouse Holidays

Tommaso Rizzuto

Thanks to its location right in the heart of Sicily, Masseria Susafa is an excellent base for a culture-rich holiday spent visiting Cefalù, the towns of the Madonie (Polizzi Generosa, Petralie) and Sicily's splendid capital, Palermo... (Masseria Susafa) →

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