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Capofaro Malvasia & Resort

Salina - Isole Eolie

Therasia Resort sea & spa

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Vulcano - Lipari - Isole Eolie

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Salina - Isole Eolie

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Salina - Isole Eolie

La Plage Resort

Taormina - Isola Bella

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Messina: introduction

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A seaside city situated on a beautiful hilly coastline. Messina's economy is based on agriculture, cattle farming and industry. Its name is derived from Zancle, Messanion, Massana, Msna, finally becoming the modern day Messina. The painter, Antonello da Messina is among the illustrious names born here.

Sites worth visiting are many and include: Messina Cathedral, the Cathedral Belltower, the Church of St Maria degli Alemanni, the Church of Ringo, the Badiazza, the Church of SS. Annunziata dei Catalani, Palazzo Calapaj D'Alcontres, Palazzo Monte di Pietà, the Vittorio Emanuele Theatre, the Cittadella and Porta Grazia, the Botanical Gardens, the Matagrifone castle, the Fortress of San Salvatore, the statue of Messina and of Ferdinando II, the Lanterna San Ranieri, the fountains of Orione, Nettuno, Falconieri and Senatoria, the Regional Museum with works by Antonello da Messina and Caravaggio.

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Therasia Resort sea & spa

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Pierpaolo Tiretti

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