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Riserva del Noce


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Castello Camemi

Vizzini Scalo


Palma di Montechiaro

Anime a Sud


Le Case di Elisa

Marina di Ragusa

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Le Case dello Zodiaco


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Hotel La Moresca

Marina di Ragusa

Locanda Don Serafino


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Gela: introduction

Gela Hotel

A long stretch of coast and a rich and fertile soil. These are the principal characteristics of Gela, town of Doric origin situated on the southern coast of Sicily, transformed over the centuries in to a large industrial town. In the area of Molino a Vento, the Acropolis and the contiguous Archaeological Museum testify to the importance of Gela in the Hellenistic period.

Excavation work, in the Capro Sopriano area, has brought to light the exceptionally well conserved remains of ancient Greek fortifications, including an easily identifiable 300meter long stretch of wall, dating back to some time between the 4th and 3rd century B.C., period in which the town was completely rebuilt after having been razed to the ground by the Carthaginians.

Not far away, the remains of an old thermal baths can be seen. Now, each summer and in celebration of the glories of Hellenic Gela, a series of Greek tragedies are performed. In the historic center of Gela there are a number of churches, the most important of which being the Neoclassical Mother Church.

Gela: suggestions from the hotels

Daniele La Rosa



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"You have to be smart to come to Ibla, a certain quality of mind, a taste for the silent and ardent tuffs, the dead ends, the unnecessary turns, the shutters sealed against a black eye that spies. » (Iblaresort) →

Julia G.


Masseria della Volpe

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The region all around Noto is a land steeped in history, culture, scenic beauty and bubbling vitality. which offers itineraries and discoveries. (Masseria della Volpe) →

Luca Giannini


Anime a Sud

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Luca Giannini

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