The ruins of the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 B.C., but they still offer an unparalleled window into the quotidian life of classical antiquity where the time stopped forever.


Villa Oriana Relais Sorrento (Napoli) - Guest Houses
Enoteca Osticcio Hotel

Enoteca Osticcio

Wine shop, tavern and a breathtaking view, what do you want?


Relais Villa Armena Buonconvento (Siena) - Small Boutique Hotels
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La Terrazza del Chiostro Hotel

La Terrazza del Chiostro

A fabulous restauarnt where meals are served in the old cloisters or on the terrace overlooking the Orcia valley

Tel. +39 0578 748183


Toscana Laticastelli Country Relais Rapolano Terme (Siena) - 3 stars
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Cashmere street in Umbria Hotel

Cashmere street in Umbria

The most important italian cashmere is producted in Umbria, from famous brand to artisan factory. We offer to our guests Gift Card discount to buy cashmere dress.


La Posta di Confine Mantignana (Perugia) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Punta di Nikà Hotel

Punta di Nikà

Nikà tip of the inlet below the ridge flows from the rocks a spring of thermal water, where the temperature can reach up to 70 ° C.


Le Lanterne Resort Pantelleria (Trapani) - Resort
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Dama Dama Restaurant Hotel

Dama Dama Restaurant

At the Dama Dama Restaurant, Emiliano Lombardelli proposes a gourmet-style local cuisine based on the flavors and the colors of the Maremma Tuscany. Enjoy great cuisine and Tuscan wines in a design ambiance or on the panoramic terrace.

Tel. +39 0564 810292


Argentario Resort Golf & Spa Porto Ercole (Grosseto) - 5 stars
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Cava Grande del Cassibile Nature Reserve Hotel

Cava Grande del Cassibile Nature Reserve

Tthe landscape is characterized by a majestic valley carved into the plateau by the Cassibile creek, converging toward the bottom, where the river Cassibile flows. With a depth of 300 m Cavagrande is one of the deepest canyons in Europe


Hotel La Corte del Sole Lido di Noto (Siracusa) - 4 stars
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Convent of Forano Hotel

Convent of Forano

Originally from century XIII is remembered for evidence of the presence of San Francesco date, by tradition, an ancient oak door inserted in the front of the church, and from which the saint made his entrance.


Fattoria Forano Appignano (Macerata) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Venus Lake Hotel

Venus Lake

Venus' Mirror is one of the jewels of the island. Its water sparkles like a light blue and green gemstone amidst a typical lush vegetation of endemic plants. Its waters occupy the crater of an extinguished volcano.


Resort Acropoli Pantelleria (Trapani) - Historical Residences
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Bike riding along the sand dunes Hotel

Bike riding along the sand dunes

The Ionian Coast at sunset is a wonder of pastel colours and scents of incontaminated Mediterranean shrublands.
A ride along the coast at sunset is a way to reconcile with nature...


Masseria Le Fabriche Maruggio (Taranto) - 4 stars
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Lucca Hotel


Known as the city of the 100 churches a real jewel of the medieval and renaissance.The massive sixteenth century walls of the city provide a long and pleasant walkway shaded by ancient trees .The great Giacomo Puccini was born here .


Locanda al Colle Camaiore (Lucca) - Guest Houses
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An unique place: Migliera's Philosophical Park Hotel

An unique place: Migliera's Philosophical Park

The Philosophical Park, founded by Swedes Marianne and Gunnar Adler-Karlsson, with its paths in the Mediterranean scrub and quotes by famous philosophers on majolica tiles, is an unique place to meditate and contemplate the gorgeous view.


Al Mulino Anacapri (Napoli) - 3 stars
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Nero di Seppia Hotel

Nero di Seppia

Seafront restaurant serving delicious fish cuisine. The menu varies according to the catch of the day!

Tel. + 39 018 360946


Relais del Maro Borgomaro (Imperia) - 3 stars
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Viewpoint near Monticchiello Hotel

Viewpoint near Monticchiello

A few hundred meters from Montichiello, the dirt road that leads to wisdom you will find a glimpse of cypress trees and in the background the Monte Amiata. Beautiful location at sunset, the earth is red. Superb.

Tel. +39 0578 755167


La Casa di Adelina Monticchiello, Pienza (Siena) - B&B and Homes
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Our popular ceramics called "cocci", are made with the traditional process that still work in the laboratory in the historic centre of Cortona, where several kind of products was born over the years according to the market needs.

Tel. +39 0575 604405


Relais il Falconiere Cortona (Arezzo) - 4 stars
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La Locanda del colonnello Hotel

La Locanda del colonnello

Traditional Sicilian cuisine, reinterpreted by the best Siclian chefs

Tel. +39 0932 752423


Le Case dello Zodiaco Modica (Ragusa) - Historical Residences
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Skiing for children Hotel

Skiing for children

The slopes are suitable, experienced teachers and safe equipment: for children who want to learn about the snow and the mountains, this is the place!


Biohotel Hermitage Madonna di Campiglio (Trento) - 4 stars
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Agritur Ruatti Hotel

Agritur Ruatti

To taste the authentic local plates you should try this Agriturismo that makes a own production for cheese , meat and vegetables. the best way to explore our territory and its cuisine!


Monroc Hotel Commezzadura (Trento) - 4 stars
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Corinaldo Hotel


Small walled ancient village. Visit the picture gallery, the S. Maria Goretti's birthplace, the Palazzo dei Priori, the "Fonte Grande", old restored wash. 5 minutes driving from the Castle.


Castello di Monterado Monterado (Ancona) - Historical Residences
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La Città della Domenica Hotel

La Città della Domenica

A lovely amusement park just 15 inutes driving from Villa Nuba ! With animals..the greatest for childreen!!


Villa Nuba Charming Apartments Perugia (Perugia) - Countryside Residences
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Visit of Winery and Wine Tasting Hotel

Visit of Winery and Wine Tasting

Spend a different day in Marche Region! Visit our wine cellar and organize a great wine tasting! We daily open our doors to everyone: wine lovers, school trips, tourists from Italy and abroad or people who simply love wine and its world!

Tel. +39 0733 57102


Fattoria Forano Appignano (Macerata) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Great fish restaurant behind the Piazza Vittorio.
For me the best fish restaurant in Turin.
Pleasant and informal place, great fish cooked with traditional Mediterranean recipes!
Really recommended

Tel. +39 011 8394543


Cascina San Vito Torino (Torino) - Countryside Residences
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Lace, Merletti, food and local wines Hotel

Lace, Merletti, food and local wines

Walking through the old town you can admire the ancient merlettatrici work, taste the typical Ligurian focaccia with a fine wine Ligure.


Imperiale Palace Hotel Santa Margherita Ligure (Genova) - 5 stars
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Torre Guaceto Hotel

Torre Guaceto

Marine protected area, nature reserve, which contains a large diversity of habitats and landscapes. A unique ecosystem for the biological diversity of the marine reserve and of the wetland and the thick Mediterranean vegetation.

Tel. +39 0831 990882


Masseria Salinola Ostuni (Brindisi) - Small Boutique Hotels
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... Hotel




Chalet du Lys Gressoney La Trinitè (Aosta) - 4 stars
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Pantalica and Anapo Valley Nature reserve Hotel

Pantalica and Anapo Valley Nature reserve

Tthe necropolis of Pantalica, one of the largest in the Mediterranean region with thousands of graves dug into the rock walls.The reserve offers a variety of themed trails that allow you to visit the site in a comprehensive manner.


Hotel La Corte del Sole Lido di Noto (Siracusa) - 4 stars
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Pisa Hotel


City of art, history and culture, Pisa is renown worldwide for its leaning tower and for the marvellous Piazza del Duomo, a UNESCO world heritage site.Today an important university town, Pisa hosts the famous "Scuola Normale Superiore" .


Locanda al Colle Camaiore (Lucca) - Guest Houses
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Barbacane Castle

One of the few historical buildings which survived the bombings of World War II, a Renaissance castle consists of a body plan and irregularly quadrangular courtyard.


Relais Euterpini Pantelleria (Trapani) - B&B and Homes
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la favarotta

typical trattoria pantescan style & lots of the laughs with owner alessandro

Tel. 0923915446


Club Levante Pantelleria (Trapani) - Seaside Residences
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donnafugata winery

donnafugata's winery on the island of pantelleria, open for visits


Club Levante Pantelleria (Trapani) - Seaside Residences
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