Baroque of Val di Noto Hotel

Baroque of Val di Noto

Val di Noto is made of different art towns, some of them are listed in the UNESCO heritage: Noto, Scicli, Ragusa, Modica, Palazzolo, Caltagirone, Militello Val di Catania and Catania, which have been rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693.


Masseria della Volpe Noto (Siracusa) - Countryside Residences
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La Bersagliera Hotel

La Bersagliera

A romantic restaurant serving typical cuisine from Salento

Tel. +39 0836 938236


Palazzo Guglielmo Vignacastrisi (Lecce) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Discovering Avola's almonds Hotel

Discovering Avola's almonds

In the territory of Siracusa, in Avola, one of the best kinds of almonds of Italy is produced. It is top quality and nutritious and is protected by a consortium. There are 3 types: the "pizzuta", the "fascionello" and the "romana".


Masseria della Volpe Noto (Siracusa) - Countryside Residences
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Gourmet Sicily Hotel

Gourmet Sicily

The South East of Sicily is well known for its culinary tradition which got important awards. Among the best restaurants there is Locanda Don Serafino in Ragusa Ibla, with the black fresh spaghetti with sea urchins, ricotta cheese & squids


Hotel La Moresca Marina di Ragusa (Ragusa) - 4 stars
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Green paths and secret water's ways Hotel

Green paths and secret water's ways

The banks of the ancient waterways tell a secret life: old mills, hidden paths, promises of love, ancient buildings that reveal their splendor, natural oasis to go into a "Trekking the soul.


Relais Villa Roncuzzi Russi (Ravenna) - 4 stars
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Sea of Val di Noto Hotel

Sea of Val di Noto

A whole area of beaches: crystal clear water, at Calamosche and Vendicari, or San Lorenzo and the Cittadella, where every year sea turtles come to lay their eggs, Portopalo and Isola delle Correnti, where the 2 seas meet each other.


Masseria della Volpe Noto (Siracusa) - Countryside Residences
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Scuola internazionale di ceramica Fantoni Hotel

Scuola internazionale di ceramica Fantoni

The school of Marcello Fantoni has just been reopened by the nephew Ginevra and with the help of master potters has taken courses, even daily. There is also a museum with a collection of ceramics artist.

Tel. +39 055 400233


Marignolle Relais & Charme Firenze (Firenze) - 4 stars
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Climbing rocks, Naturist Beach and Gay Friendly Hotel

Climbing rocks, Naturist Beach and Gay Friendly

The Beach of Torre Scissura is a really special place. White sand, Emerald Sea and Rocks Vertical. One drawback: 300 steps to get there. The difficulties of access, however, have meant that the beach destination for naturists and rock and equipped in a spartan with umbrellas, sun beds and dining, it is a favorite with families and children because without bathing.
An oasis of peace with looking Caribbean, 1 km of beach where you can soak up the sun comfortably with your feet in the water, where it is possible to bring dogs (even if on a leash), a gay-friendly place, and at sunset, for the fans, venturing into un'adrenalinica vertical climbing


Akasamia Itri (Latina) - B&B and Homes
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Nordic Walking Hotel

Nordic Walking

Discover the wonderful mountains ofTrentino, with a spring in your step!


Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel Commezzadura (Trento ) - 4 stars
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Trekking Hotel


Green meadows, woods, high peaks,the Park of the Apuan Alps offers various types of excursions ,colours and emotions to who chooses to discover the beauty of a very special landscape, where the mountains reach out towards the coast.


Locanda al Colle Camaiore (Lucca) - Guest Houses
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Arcaeological Excursion Hotel

Arcaeological Excursion

In the St. Marcus punic and roman acropolis.


Resort Acropoli Pantelleria (Trapani) - Historical Residences
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Cooking Class at a Bio-Dynamic Agriturismo Hotel

Cooking Class at a Bio-Dynamic Agriturismo

What better way to pass a morning or afternoon than to spend it learning to cook traditional Italian dishes. Using local, fresh Marchigiani ingredients, you will learn the basics of making and shaping pasta, rolling out your own gnocchi a

Tel. +39 0734 782041


Hotel Leone Montelparo (Fermo) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Acerenthia - Archeological Park and Basilian caves Hotel

Acerenthia - Archeological Park and Basilian caves

Visit both the Archeological Park and the Basilian monks caves.


Torre Camigliati Camigliatello Silano (Cosenza) - Historical Residences
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From the abbey to Umbriano Hotel

From the abbey to Umbriano

A wonderful path immersed in a thick wood starting from the abbey hotel with its medieval church to Umbriano, a medioeval small village without people inside it.

Tel. +390744780129


Abbazia San Pietro in Valle Ferentillo (Terni) - Historical Residences
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Archaeological Excursion Hotel

Archaeological Excursion

In the ancient Bronze Age Village and his necropolis, the "Sesi"


Resort Acropoli Pantelleria (Trapani) - Historical Residences
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The path of the three lakes Hotel

The path of the three lakes

We are in the oasis of Lake Montepulciano lipu where along the path you get to the lake of Chisui called the Two Chiari and the border with Umbria and Trasimeno

Tel. +390578766022


Podere Raffaello Acquaviva di Montepulciano (Siena) - Countryside Residences
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Il Duomo Hotel

Il Duomo

The King Carl II d'Angiò started its construction beginning in 1294 on the place of ancient religious buildings, some of these were destroyed and others were preserved and inserted in the "angioina" structure.


Decumani Hotel de Charme Napoli (Napoli) - 3 stars
Valmontone- Rainbow Magicland Hotel

Valmontone- Rainbow Magicland

Enjoy the Valmontone playground.Counts 36 attractions and several performances staged in the theaters and on the streets of the park.
Timetables: # / Schedules
Costs: € 28,00. Free entrance for under 10yo

Tel. +39 06 9531 8700


Locanda dello Spuntino Grottaferrata (Roma) - 4 stars
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The "Ponente ligure" bike path of the coastal park is one of the longest in the Mediterranean area: it has a total length of 20 km. The route is fully accessible by the pedestrians and cyclists in both directions.


Residence dei Due Porti Sanremo (Imperia) - Seaside Residences
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Casa del Nonno 13 Hotel

Casa del Nonno 13

Characteristic eatery serving excellent cuisine prepared using the finest locally grown ingredients.

Tel. +39 089 894399


Il Cannito Capaccio - Paestum (Salerno) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Ristorante Dario Hotel

Ristorante Dario

In the 60s cook the fresh fish that fished grandfather Dario was the most immediate and natural, but over the years focus on the freshness of the fish product and the raw materials used, has become their strength.

Tel. +39 071 976675


Il Sambuco Morrovalle (Macerata) - B&B and Homes
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Honey: the Gold of Mt.Etna Hotel

Honey: the Gold of Mt.Etna

At the volcano's slopes, Zafferana Etnea (CT) is the motherland of honey, which here is called "Gold of Mt.Etna". With its different color shades and flavors intensity, it has an impressive nutritive value.


Monaci delle Terre Nere Zafferana Etnea (Catania) - Farmhouse Holidays
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St Antimo and Monte Oliveto Abbeys Hotel

St Antimo and Monte Oliveto Abbeys

At short distance from our hamlet there are two beautiful abbeys: S. Antimo, among Brunello vineyards, and Monte Oliveto Maggiore, with its frescoed cloister. Two perfect settings to listen to Gregorian chants.


Borgo Lucignanello Montalcino (Siena) - Historical Residences
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Cooking lessons Hotel

Cooking lessons

If you tasted our cuisine, join Villa Chicci's hands-on regional cooking course!


Villa Cicchi Ascoli Piceno - Abbazia di Rosara (Ascoli Piceno) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Riviera del Conero Hotel

Riviera del Conero

One of most beautiful coastal areas of the Marche Region; the Sirolo beach with its characteristic "resounding rocks" and the "two sisters", reef rocks in front of the Conero promontory. About one hour driving from the Castle.


Castello di Monterado Monterado (Ancona) - Historical Residences
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Trekking Hotel


Climbing this volcano is not too difficult. The view up there is fantastic on a clear day. You can even see all the Aeolian Island


Therasia Resort sea & spa Vulcano - Lipari - Isole Eolie (Messina) - 5 stars
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Villa Rufolo - Ravello Hotel

Villa Rufolo - Ravello

One of the most enchanting place of the Amalfi Coast: a dream location for a wedding, with a spectacular breathtaking view. During summer Villa Rufolo hosts the Ravello Festival: concerts and live performances on its panoramic terrace.


Villa dei D'Armiento Sant'Agnello, Sorrento (Napoli) - Villas
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Ulysses, the myth and the Emperor Tiberius Hotel

Ulysses, the myth and the Emperor Tiberius

A more beautiful place could not have chosen for its Villa of the Emperor Tiberius, the Sea. The imperial residence, the remains of which, in the sixties was born the Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga, preserves the wonderful finds from the statues that adorned the gardens and the cave of the Cyclops. A true Odyssey of marble which is one of the most fascinating testimony to knowledge of the myth of Odysseus in ancient art.

Tel. 0771 548028


Akasamia Itri (Latina) - B&B and Homes
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Siena Hotel


Siena, the city where he breathes a 'atmosphere that you can not find anywhere else, because its people have preserved the traditions of the fathers, such as those related to the Palio, renewing them every year.


Relais Villa Armena Buonconvento (Siena) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Rent a Scooter

Contact us for rent a scooter during your vacation in Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

Tel. +39 089875586


La Caravella Positano Beach Positano () - Residences
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