Lido Azzzurro - Marina di Ragusa Hotel

Lido Azzzurro - Marina di Ragusa

typical seafood restaurant right on the beach. Ask the concierge of La Moresca maison de charme to reserve your table


Hotel La Moresca Marina di Ragusa (Ragusa) - 4 stars
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Egnazia Hotel


Impressive remains of a messapica and apulian city with part of ancient walls and the acropolis, and the subsequent tracks such as the Roman Forum, the shops, the streets and a Christian basilica.


Masseria Salinola Ostuni (Brindisi) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Forte di Bard Hotel

Forte di Bard

Dominating the medieval village of Bard, in Val d'Aosta, Fort Bard was rebuilt by the House of Savoy in the 19th century.


Hotel Ad Gallias Bard (Aosta) - 4 stars
La Terrazza del Chiostro Hotel

La Terrazza del Chiostro

A fabulous restauarnt where meals are served in the old cloisters or on the terrace overlooking the Orcia valley

Tel. +39 0578 748183


Toscana Laticastelli Country Relais Rapolano Terme (Siena) - 3 stars
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Summer music festivals Hotel

Summer music festivals

In summer there are many music festivals in our surroundings: Incontri in Terre di Siena; Estate Musicale Chigiana; Crete Senesi Festival; Harpsichord concerts by Piccola Accademia Montisi and the Opera Festival in S.Galgano Abbey.


Borgo Lucignanello Montalcino (Siena) - Historical Residences
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In a tub of warm water, surrounded by nature, at sunset with a tasting of organic products of the Sant'Egle organic farm


Agriturismo Biologico Sant'Egle Sorano (Grosseto) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Visit of Bagno Vignoni Hotel

Visit of Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni and its thousand year old thermal tradition. Apart from its enchanting scenery Bagno Vignoni is also an ideal location for a thermal bath - for pure pleasure or for medical reasons.


Adler Thermae San Quirico d'Orcia (Siena) - 5 stars
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Park adventure Madonie Hotel

Park adventure Madonie

In Petralia Soprana since 2008, the Madonie Adventure Park is an unusual way to discover nature.


Masseria Susafa Polizzi Generosa (Palermo) - Farmhouse Holidays
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around La Pieve Hotel

around La Pieve

We are on the route of the ancient and well-known Via Francigena, which was taken by pilgrims going from Canterbury to Rome in the Middle Ages.


La Pieve Casale di Charme Colle Val D'Elsa (Siena) - Farmhouse Holidays
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"Infiorata": Triumph of flowers in Noto Hotel

"Infiorata": Triumph of flowers in Noto

Every year, on the 3rd Sunday of May pictures of flowers are made by local artists on Via Corrado Nicolaci, over a space of 2000 A wonderful show of flowers, patterns and colors in the baroque frame.


Masseria della Volpe Noto (Siracusa) - Countryside Residences
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Rent a Vintage Fiat 500 Hotel

Rent a Vintage Fiat 500

The Le Marche region is ideal for touring around the beautiful countryside in a vintage fiat 500. It's known for its diversity of landscape. Around every corner you'll find a picture postcard view, fields of sunflowers, hill top towns...

Tel. +39 0734 782041


Hotel Leone Montelparo (Fermo) - Small Boutique Hotels
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from 5 lt of fresh sheep milk we will teach you how to make 3 types of cheese. Robiola, Primo Sale and Ricotta!

Tel. +393294250285


Agriturismo Biologico Sant'Egle Sorano (Grosseto) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Next2 Hotel


Trendy Italian fusion and seafood

Tel. +39 089 8123516


Villa Oliviero Positano (Salerno) - Luxury Villas
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I love shopping!!! Hotel

I love shopping!!!

Orciani bags in Fano, Piero Guidi in Urbino, Dirk Bikkemberg in Fano, Freeport in Pesaro, Tod's and Hogan in Civitanova, Simonetta and Fendi kids in Jesi


Villa Tombolina Montemaggiore al Metauro (Pesaro e Urbino) - Farmhouse Holidays
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La Caupona Hotel

La Caupona

Restaurant and "lounge" bar on the seafront of Pioppi serving typical cuisine from Cilento

Tel. +39 345 5791911


Il Cannito Capaccio - Paestum (Salerno) - Small Boutique Hotels
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La Nave della Sila - Emigration & Immigration M... Hotel

La Nave della Sila - Emigration & Immigration M...

There are "ghost towns" in Calabria! This fascinating place proclaims the area to have been a great vessel for millions of people who left. The museum has photographic exhibits, audio-visual displays and sponsor lectures.


Torre Camigliati Camigliatello Silano (Cosenza) - Historical Residences
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Osteria della Bianca Hotel

Osteria della Bianca

Typical Tuscan cuisine and pizza

Tel. +39 0587 732236


Le Colombaie Country Resort Ponsacco (Pisa) - Resort
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Paestum Hotel


The archaeological site of Paestum is unique: here stood the ancient town too. It was one of the richest colonies of Magna Graecia. The ideal is to walk at the sunset between the temples of Hera and Athena with their Doric columns


Villa Rizzo Resort & Spa San Cipriano Picentino (Salerno) - Countryside Residences
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The magic of Marche's medieval villages  Hotel

The magic of Marche's medieval villages

Explore the medieval villages in Marche, from Montelupone to Morrovalle, passing by the Abbey of Fiastra, the Basilica of Santa Maria a Piè in Chienti and the Sanctuary of Loreto


Santomaro Country Loft Morrovalle (Macerata) - Countryside Residences
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Lu Impostu Hotel

Lu Impostu

A white sandy beach and lush pine trees: this is Lu Impostu the closet beach to our Paradise Resort...


Paradise Resort Sardegna San Teodoro (Olbia-Tempio) - 4 stars
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Circolino della Vela Hotel

Circolino della Vela

Traditional maritime cuisine in the port of Civitanova

Tel. +39 0733 781259


Santomaro Sea Loft Civitanova Marche (Macerata) - B&B and Homes
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The Chianti Sculpture Park in Pievasciata Hotel

The Chianti Sculpture Park in Pievasciata

Just 10 km far from Siena, this Park hosts a permanent exhibition of contemporary sculptures and installations, which stand in a perfect integration of art and nature.

Tel. +39 0577 357151


Relais della Rovere Colle di Val d'Elsa (Siena) - 4 stars
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Il Casolare dei Segreti Hotel

Il Casolare dei Segreti

In a magical place, between the beautiful hills of the Marche, to welcome a beautiful cottage, trocverete outside the scents of the open country, within the warmth of other times and beautiful sunsets will envelop you.

Tel. +39 0733 216441


Fattoria Forano Appignano (Macerata) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Taormina sicilian pearl Hotel

Taormina sicilian pearl

Few minutes from our hotel Taormina represent one of the most intresting town in Sicily. History, Culture, Architecture, Shopping and Nightlife

Tel. +39 095641181


Castello di San Marco Calatabiano (Catania) - 4 stars
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Cheese by Maria and Romeo Hotel

Cheese by Maria and Romeo

It's not a shop. It's not a dairy. It's a home where, in the morning only, you can found the most fantastic fresh cheese. Ask a local to show you the way...


Palazzo Guglielmo Vignacastrisi (Lecce) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Visit of Winery and Wine Tasting Hotel

Visit of Winery and Wine Tasting

Spend a different day in Marche Region! Visit our wine cellar and organize a great wine tasting! We daily open our doors to everyone: wine lovers, school trips, tourists from Italy and abroad or people who simply love wine and its world!

Tel. +39 0733 57102


Fattoria Forano Appignano (Macerata) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Private boat tour Hotel

Private boat tour

By far the best way to explore the Amalfi Caost is by boat!


Villa Oliviero Positano (Salerno) - Luxury Villas
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Ristorante Gourmet Hotel

Ristorante Gourmet

Directed by the young chef Simon Ragni is the right place to eat typical Umbrian cuisine.

Tel. +39 075 889979


San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort & Spa Massa Martana (Perugia) - Historical Residences
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Marzamemi Hotel


This small fishing village will charm you with its harbor, the old tonnara, the old fishermen's houses and the scenic main square. It's the perfect place to enjoy a Sicilian granita (sorbet) or buy typical fish products.


Hotel La Corte del Sole Lido di Noto (Siracusa) - 4 stars
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Choose: what do you like more?

Bicycle, horses, wasp, quad just choose it!


Il Cantico della Natura Montesperello di Magione (Perugia) - Farmhouse Holidays
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