Wine and Olive Oil tasting Hotel

Wine and Olive Oil tasting

Enjoy delicious wines and fresh olive oli directly from the producer and a snack pause with typical products of Tuscany.

Tel. +39 0577 89 7390


Adler Thermae San Quirico d'Orcia (Siena) - 5 stars
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Gadir Hotel


Famous for its warm waters, true thermal baths in the sea, the water reaches a temperature of 60 degrees.
Gadir in Arabic protected place


Relais Euterpini Pantelleria (Trapani) - B&B and Homes
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"Infiorata": Triumph of flowers in Noto Hotel

"Infiorata": Triumph of flowers in Noto

Every year, on the 3rd Sunday of May pictures of flowers are made by local artists on Via Corrado Nicolaci, over a space of 2000 A wonderful show of flowers, patterns and colors in the baroque frame.


Masseria della Volpe Noto (Siracusa) - Countryside Residences
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A delicious treat for a perfect holiday Hotel

A delicious treat for a perfect holiday

From the square of Capri, follow the sweet scent of vanilla to the small Buonocore's ice cream shop .
For those with a sweet tooth: don't to miss the tulip (waffle cup, ice cream, whipped cream, and melted chocolate).


Al Mulino Anacapri (Napoli) - 3 stars
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The "Museo Diffuso" of Lusiana Hotel

The "Museo Diffuso" of Lusiana

Innovative concept, the museum has six different proposals: the Mountain Botanical Garden, the Prehistoric Village, the Park of Sojo Art and Nature, the Valley of the Mills, the ethnographic museum and demonstration area Labioli. Beautiful!

Tel. +39 0424 407264


Locanda La Scuola Lusiana (Vicenza) - B&B and Homes
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Reopening the Spice Apothecary of Santa Fina in... Hotel

Reopening the Spice Apothecary of Santa Fina in...

Among the various attractions to visit in San Gimignano is an important role the Pharmacy of Santa Fina. The Spice Apothecary, reopened on May 9, will close its doors on October 31.

Tel. +39 0577 942014


Hotel L'Antico Pozzo San Gimignano (Siena) - Historical Residences
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EBike, Model Scott e.spark 710 suitable for off-road and white roads

Tel. +393294250285


Agriturismo Biologico Sant'Egle Sorano (Grosseto) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Once upon a time there was a very old mill... Today it is a charming Locanda with just eight rooms overlooking the creek "Esse" and a typical restaurant. An heaven of tranquillity and peace located in a picturesque landscape

Tel. +39 0575 614016


Relais il Falconiere Cortona (Arezzo) - 4 stars
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Osteria della Bianca Hotel

Osteria della Bianca

Typical Tuscan cuisine and pizza

Tel. +39 0587 732236


Le Colombaie Country Resort Ponsacco (Pisa) - Resort
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Anna passi Hotel

Anna passi

The famous Testaccio market, at the foot of the Aventine, has been moved from the historic square in the heart of the district to a new site nearby, but has not lost its charm and its convenience!


Villa Giulia Suites Roma (Roma) - Luxury Suites and Penthouses
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Original Tuscan Terracotta in Petroio Hotel

Original Tuscan Terracotta in Petroio

The typical Tuscan terracotta purchased directly from the manufacturer. Garden pots, bowls, decorations and articles for custom tailored. Especially beautiful and original!

Tel. +39 0577 665011


Adler Thermae San Quirico d'Orcia (Siena) - 5 stars
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Shrines and Madonnas of the East. Via Francigena Hotel

Shrines and Madonnas of the East. Via Francigena

The territory of the South Pontino is crossed by a long stretch of the Appian Itri and Fondi the old route is the longest and best preserved in Italy. In ancient times the Queen of Roads, Road Consular Roman who arrives in Rome to Brindi...


Akasamia Itri (Latina) - B&B and Homes
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Podere il Casale Hotel

Podere il Casale

For food lovers, own organic produce and own sheep cheese. Possibility to have "just" a cheese tasting or enjoy their meals at lunch and dinner. Spectacular sunsets with views over the Valdorcia. Booking required.


Follonico 4-Suite Torrita di Siena (Siena) - B&B and Homes
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Mountain biking in Val Gardena Hotel

Mountain biking in Val Gardena

Thirty attractive and well signposted mountain bike trails of all degrees of difficulty and a 1,000 kilometre long mountain biking network in one of the world's most beautiful mountain settings, UNESCO Wordl Heritage.

Tel. +39 0471 775001


Hotel Adler Dolomiti Ortisei (Bolzano) - 5 stars
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Ristorante Podere Catignano Hotel

Ristorante Podere Catignano

Traditional food, homemade pasta, olive oil of their own production, situated in the green hills of the Marche countryside.

Tel. +393470570637


Fattoria Forano Appignano (Macerata) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Boat tours Hotel

Boat tours

Discover the most pristine hidden coves, dive into the crystal clear sea, take a quick trip to the island of Capraia: all this on your own private boat. Enjoy a day on the sea, circling the island of Elba with stops at Enfola and the Forno.


Boutique Hotel Ilio Sant'Andrea, Marciana, Isola d'Elba (Livorno) - Small Boutique Hotels
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La Taverna Hotel

La Taverna

Typical Umbrian cuisine. In the heart of the medieval center of Perugia this high livel restaurant is clos to Villa Nuba.
If You will be our Guests, with the Villa Nuba Gold Card You will have special care and great discount !

Tel. +39 075 5724128


Villa Nuba Charming Apartments Perugia (Perugia) - Countryside Residences
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Daniel Spoerri's Garden Hotel

Daniel Spoerri's Garden

A nice walk between art and nature in this park on the slopes of Mount Amiata. 100 works of contemporary art spread in an area of 16 hectares, open to the public from Easter to October.

Tel. +39 0564 950805


Borgo Lucignanello Montalcino (Siena) - Historical Residences
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The path of the three lakes Hotel

The path of the three lakes

We are in the oasis of Lake Montepulciano lipu where along the path you get to the lake of Chisui called the Two Chiari and the border with Umbria and Trasimeno

Tel. +390578766022


Podere Raffaello Acquaviva di Montepulciano (Siena) - Countryside Residences
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Monteriggioni Hotel


The Castello di Monteriggioni was one of the most important defensive castles guarding against the invading Florentines, and its lookout towers jutting into the sky evoke an unmistakably Medieval air.


Locanda dell'Amorosa Sinalunga (Siena) - 4 stars
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Abbeys and Mysticism ... in places of St. Thomas. Hotel

Abbeys and Mysticism ... in places of St. Thomas.

Based Akasamia you can visit with an interesting Cistercian Abbeys different. Besides the beauty of the place, from the point of view Architectural and Nature, one is kidnapped by the peace that these places emit.
Starting from the beautiful Sant'Angelo in Formis, along the Appian Way, following the path that the ancient Via Francigena pilgrims called, you get to where funds on a closed channel lies the Abbey of St. Magnus, recently restored. Continuing on the SP 148, in the place you stop to Priverno Fossanova where there is the Abbey and the small village of the same name. Here, in addition to admire the architectural beauty of the area, you can visit the cell of St. Thomas Aquinas. A pleasant place of serenity and mysticism.

Tel. 0773 93 90 61


Akasamia Itri (Latina) - B&B and Homes
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The Donnafugata Castle Hotel

The Donnafugata Castle

The Donnafugata Castle is about 15 km distance from La Moresca maison de charme. Just ask our concierge the description of this castle that, contrary to what the name might suggest ....


Hotel La Moresca Marina di Ragusa (Ragusa) - 4 stars
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Vetulonia Hotel


Right near Castiglione Vetulonia is another area of great archaeological importance where viistare the graves of Pietrera and Diavolino still well kept and the archaeological museum is open all year.


Golf Hotel Punta Ala Punta Ala (Grosseto) - 4 stars
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Castreccioni's lake - Cingoli Hotel

Castreccioni's lake - Cingoli

The environment is particularly impressive, with the outline of the mountains around the body of water that is reflected in the lake in many colors.


Fattoria Forano Appignano (Macerata) - Farmhouse Holidays
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The santa Rosa's Monastery Hotel

The santa Rosa's Monastery

The ancient Monastery Santa Rosa where he invented the famous "sfogliatella". A Conca dei Marini is also the most impressive monument on the coast, the monastery Santa Rosa today 5-star luxury.

Tel. 089 832 1199


La Conca Azzurra Conca dei Marini (Salerno) - 4 stars
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The road of the chestnut - from Tepolini ... Hotel

The road of the chestnut - from Tepolini ...

Beautiful trek that starts directly from our village Tepolini. It will pass through lush woods and chestnut trees, water sources and unspoiled landscapes. You will notice also trachytic rock formations


Borgo Tepolini Castel del Piano (Grosseto) - B&B and Homes
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Ariccia - Chigi Palace  Hotel

Ariccia - Chigi Palace

In the spectacular Piazza di Corte, stands the magnificent baroque home of the Chigi family.

Guided tours:
Tue-Fri 11 - 16 to 17.30
Sat-Sun-Holidays 10,30 am - 11:30 am - 12.30-15 - 16- 17 - 18.
Cost: € 6,00 - reduced € 4.00

Tel. +39 06 933 0053


Locanda dello Spuntino Grottaferrata (Roma) - 4 stars
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Altarpiece Fra Mattia Della Robbia Hotel

Altarpiece Fra Mattia Della Robbia

Numerous altarpieces in the Marche region of Della Robbia glazed terracotta, one of Fra Mattia's production is the Coronation of Virgin dated back to 1527-1530, located in the collegiate church of S. Maria Assunta in Montecassiano.


Fattoria Forano Appignano (Macerata) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Ristorante Gourmet Hotel

Ristorante Gourmet

Directed by the young chef Simon Ragni is the right place to eat typical Umbrian cuisine.

Tel. +39 075 889979


San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort & Spa Massa Martana (Perugia) - Historical Residences
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Cooking Classes in Tuscany Hotel

Cooking Classes in Tuscany

Discover the delicious recipes of Tuscan cooking by the chefs a relaxed and unique scenery. At the end of the cooking session you can taste the dishes prepared together!


Adler Thermae San Quirico d'Orcia (Siena) - 5 stars
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