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Cystalline waters, mountains just begging to be climbed, a variety of outdoor sports, and--above all--gorgeous scenery. Elba Island is the perfect choice no matter what you are looking for on your holiday!

Boat tours Hotel

Boat tours

Discover the most pristine hidden coves, dive into the crystal clear sea, take a quick trip to the island of Capraia: all this on your own private boat. Enjoy a day on the sea, circling the island of Elba with stops at Enfola and the Forno.


Under the Sea Hotel

Under the Sea

Beneath the waves, the sea surrounding Elba has treasures just waiting to be discovered: colorful fish and marine life and sunken ships which have been resting on the sea floor for centuries. The diving center is just 150 m from the hotel.


Tennis e Golf Hotel

Tennis e Golf

You may be on vacation, but you still need a little exercise! There are two well-kept tennis courts about 150 meters from the hotel, and two 9-hole golf courses about half an hour drive away, both with beautiful views.


Kayaking Hotel


Glinding across the water with the sun at your back: discovering Elba in kayak is a unique and relaxing way to explore this island's shores. Rental kayaks are available on the Sant'Andrea beach, and from here your adventure begins!


Hiking with a Sea View Hotel

Hiking with a Sea View

From the hotel, climb Mount Capanne, thickly wooded with chestnut groves. For a guided hike, there are organized excursions through the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and, for those who love exploring the countryside on horseback.


The Cliffs of Capo Sant'Andrea Hotel

The Cliffs of Capo Sant'Andrea

For those who love steep cliffs, Capo Sant'Andrea is a must-see. One of the most beautiful seaside cliffs in the world, shaped by millenia of wind and water, with its stark white granite face standing guard over the bright blue waves below.


Bird-biowatching Hotel


Get to know the island's biosphere through its fauna, including its wide variety of birdlife. Spend a morning or afternoon birdwatching, and learn even more about this unspoilt natural oasis.


Snorkeling on Elba Island Hotel

Snorkeling on Elba Island

Don your mask and fins and swim with the brighly colored fish who inhabit the shores of this unspoilt island. Snorkling along the coast of Elba is an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves marine life: floating on the water's surface


Bay of Sant'Andrea Hotel

Bay of Sant'Andrea

Elba is all about the sea: just 150m from the hotel lies the postcard-perfect Bay of Sant'Andrea, with its soft sand and shallow waters, and, just beyond, Cotoncello Point, with its rocky shore and limpid tide pools perfect for swimming


Elba Wine Tours Hotel

Elba Wine Tours

Tuscany and Elba means fabulous wines. Due to its fertile terroir and historic vineyards, Elba produces some of the region's most unique vintages. Sample these during an organized tour of local wineries along.


Napoleon's Island Hotel

Napoleon's Island

Two centuries ago, Napoleon arrived on Elba in exile and even after all this time the islanders still commemorate the Emporer, keeping his memory alive through a number of monuments and palaces tied to this important historical figure.


Elba by Mountain Bike Hotel

Elba by Mountain Bike

At a leisurely pace, or with a sense of adventure: everyone has a different style and can be satisfied with the biking on Elba, both on trail and off through shaded woods directly above the sea.