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Roberto Bisignano - Responsabile - Torre Camigliati

Roberto Bisignano


Torre Camigliati (Camigliatello Silano)

And now the 'enchanted forest', the 'magic plateau', the 'great wood' of antiquity awaits us - we are heading for the Sila! The visitor is immediately struck by the splendid alternation of wooded and cultivated land....

The forest of the giants of Fallistro Hotel

The forest of the giants of Fallistro

Pine larch trees that can reach a height of 46 meters and a diameter of two meters. In the heart of the national park of Sila, they are protected and visited by thousand tourists every year. You can reach it by foot from Torre Camigliati.


Acerenthia - Archeological Park and Basilian caves Hotel

Acerenthia - Archeological Park and Basilian caves

Visit both the Archeological Park and the Basilian monks caves.


Santa Severina Hotel

Santa Severina

This small town is proud of its Byzantine origins, its very early little churches that recall those of Armenia, the Cathedral with its coat of arms, the Baptistery with its purple-coloured font and antique granite columns, and the Castle.


The Cecita Lake Hotel

The Cecita Lake

Is a few Km from Torre Camigliati. It was created when a 55-metre-high hydro-electric dam was built in 1951.
Water is mainly used to irrigate surrounding fields which are largely used to grow potatoes. Very fascinating in every season.


La Nave della Sila - Emigration & Immigration M... Hotel

La Nave della Sila - Emigration & Immigration M...

There are "ghost towns" in Calabria! This fascinating place proclaims the area to have been a great vessel for millions of people who left. The museum has photographic exhibits, audio-visual displays and sponsor lectures.


San Giovanni in Fiore Hotel

San Giovanni in Fiore

Famous for the 'saintly' monk Gioacchino da Fiore - prophet and visionary - who founded his principal monastery in this very spot in the twelfth century.Worth visiting are the early, much altered Badia Florense and the small Museum


Isola di Capo Rizzuto Hotel

Isola di Capo Rizzuto

On the Ionian Coast where traces of human settlement date back to at least 5000 years b.C.. Visit the Marine protected Area, the Aragonese Castle and the Archeological site of Capo Colonna


Caccuri Hotel


Dominated by its imposing medieval castle, which was restored in the nineteenth century somewhat in the style of Viollet-le-Duc.The coup de théâtre, however, is the breathtaking panoramic view from the top of the proud,