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The origins of Albenga date back to the Roman period when, together with Vado and Ventimiglia, it was one of the most important towns on the Riviera of Ponente. The town is situated on a low lying land at the mouth of the river Centa.

The urban center, dating back to the medieval period, is characterised by a number of monuments which all bear testimony to the town's glorious past, monuments such as the ruins of the amphitheatre, the theatre, and the Roman aqueduct.

In the historic center, we find the Cathedral of San Michele, the decagonal-plan Baptistery with its splendid mosaics, and the towers which have become the true symbols of Albenga. The two Torri comunali, the Torre campanaria and two other towers of smaller dimension, make the skyline of Albenga quite unique. Also worthy of visit is the town's Roman Naval Museum which houses over a thousand amphora found on the sea bed of Albenga.

In addition to its historical and cultural significance, Albenga is an important seaside resort. The beach of Albenga, from where one can admire a fabulous view of the island of Gallinara is chosen by thousands of tourists each year as the perfect place where to pass their summer holidays.

Numerous festivals, theatrical performances and cultural events animate the streets of this lively town.

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Elena Scalambrin


Relais del Maro

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Elena Scalambrin

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Residence dei Due Porti

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