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Pavia is sited on the banks of the Ticino river, just a few kilometers from the Po, crossed by the Navigliaccio and Vernavola rivers. The tourist will be struck by the perfectly preserved Roman cityplan, formed by chess board blocks ("cardines" and "decumani") between two principle axii.

Following the historical and artistic itineraries through Pavia, one can visit Visconteo Castle, the Civic Museums, the Church of St. Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, the Fraschini Theatre, the five Medieval Towers, the Crypt of St. Eusebio, the Church of St. Maria del Carmine, the Palazzo and Establishment of the Belle Arti Malaspina, the Church of St. Giovanni Domnarum.

To visit also the Piazza della Vittoria, Broletto, the Recisole statue, the Church of St. Teodoro, the covered bridge, the Church of St. Michele, the Borromeo College, Palazzo Mazzabarba, the Botanical Gardens, the Church of St. Maria di Canepanova, the Church of St. Francesco d'Assisi, the Church of St. Lanfranco, the Church of St. Salvatore, the Church of St. Maria in Betlem.

Visitors should take the opportunity to travel the few kilometers from the town to see the magnificent Carthusian Monastery of Pavia.

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