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Bergamo, which is situated on the hills of Sant Eufemia and Fara, derives its name from "dwelling on the mountain". The city is immersed in a spectacular landscape. The city's artistic treasures are to be found in the higher part of Bergamo. The funicular railway transports visitors to the "Città Alta" where the best of Bergamo is to be seen.

To visit: the former Augustinian Monastery, Porta San Giacomo, the Fort, the Parco delle Rimembranze, the Cittadella, the History Museum, the Gomito Tower, Viale delle Mura, the Library Angelo Mai, Palazzo della Regione, the Church of St Michele, Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, Piazza Vecchia and the Contarini Fountain, the Campanone, the Colleoni Chapel, the Basilica of St Maria Maggiore, the Baptistery, la Curia e l'Episcopato, the Archeological Museum, the Enrico Caffi Natural Science Museum, the San Gottardo stairway, the Donizettiano Museum and the Porta of St Agostino.

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