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On the border of Lombardy, close to both Milan and Switzerland, stretching from the Passo della Spluga up to the Passo dello Stelvio, one finds the vast territory of the Valtellina. It is an unspoilt landscape, with lush valleys, snow topped mountains and Alpine lakes; perfect for those in search of relaxation and pure air, during both summer and winter. The heart of the Valtellina can be found in the Nature Reserve of the Stelvio.

A wealth of traditions are still observed and crafts, linked to the working of ollare stone and production of pezzotti (colored rugs) are continued. Articles made in wrought iron, copper and wood are sold in a number of shops.

The Valtellina hosts a great variety of festivals and food fairs such as El Ciapel d'Or, the Festa dei Pizzoccheri, the Festa del Fen, the Sagra dei Crotti, the Sagra del Bitto, the Festa d'Alpeggio, the Pizzocchero d'Oro, the Bitto Cheese Show, Morbegno in Cantina, Mestieri e Tradizioni in Piazza.

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Rezia Hotel Bormio

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To go skiing by the Ski World Cup slopes, for the state-of-the-art thermal parks, for the history, culture, art of a City that is the meeting point between Italy and Northern Europe, for the excellent typical food. (Rezia Hotel Bormio) →

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