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Foggia is sited in the lush planes which characterize the "Tavoliere delle Puglie", in the vast area which is made up of the Sub Appenine Dauno and the Gargano. Because of its position it has become an important centre for the agricultural industry. It has been of great commercial importance for centuries; in the 13th century Foggia was known for its control of sheep trading.

Today a number of architectural masterpieces and religious sites are preserved in Foggia, all of which testify to the city's vibrant past. Monuments to visit include the Civic Museum and Art Museum, the Palatium, Palazzo della Dogana, Palazzo Maio De Vita, Palazzo Filiasi, the Umberto Giordano Theatre, the Church of the Addolorata, the Church of St Agostino, the Church of St Chiara, the Church dei Morti, the Church delle Croci, the Basilica of St Giovanni Battista and the Epitaffio.

Interesting the archeological sites are Passo del Corvo and Arpi. Among the major events held at Foggia the Foggia Jazz Festival, the Cinema d'Essai Review, the Fair of St Caterina a Foggia and October Dauno.

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