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Bolzano: introduction

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Bolzano lies along the axes of the Brennero, immersed in the heart of the Dolomite part of the Alto Adige, at the confluence of the Talvera torrent and the Inarco River.

From Bolzano roads lead to all the most beautiful places to visit in the Alto Adige. The traveller will be struck by the great expanses of greenery which surround Bolzano; the Talvera Park, the woods and the prolific vineyards. The Rose Garden, which during some hours of the day is filled with a beautiful pink light, is enchanting.

To visit: the Civic Museum, the Museum of the School, the Museion, the Archaeological Museum of Alto Adige, the Natural Science Museum, the Palazzo and Merchant Museum. The markets held in the various districts of the town are of certain interest as are the second hand goods market and the Christmas Market.

Thanks to the area's ample production of grapes, Bolzano is famous for its wines such as the Lagrein and Bolzano/Gries. The gastronomic specialities include "Weinsuppe", "Grost", "Schlutzkrapfen", "Omelette" and "Kaiserschmarn".

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Romina, Christian e Monica

(hotel manager)

Monroc Hotel

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Romina, Christian e Monica

Trentino and Val di Sole are authentic paradise among our wonderful nature. The right place to find out relaxation for your body and mind and the perfect destination for sport addicted and wonderful landscape seekers. (Monroc Hotel) →

Verena S.


Alpenroyal Grand Hotel

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Verena S.

Because we are situated in the heard of the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage. In winter and in summer we are the ideal location for mountain lovers! (Alpenroyal Grand Hotel) →

Famiglia Tevini

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Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel

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Famiglia Tevini

Join us on holiday with all the Family!! The value and hospitality of a Family Business together with professionalism will turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience!! (Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel) →

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