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Between Val Chisone and the high Susa Valley, at 2035 meters above sea level, lies Sestriere. Famous winter tourist destination, Sestriere's history has always been linked to ski-ing, the town being part of the ski-ing district of Via Lattea together with Claviere, Cesana, Sansicario and Sauze d'Oulx.

This is where the visitor finds Italy's most beautiful ski slopes such as those of Banchetta, Fraiteve, Sises and Rio Nero. Sestriere is not only a winter tourist destination but is also the perfect summer location where to relax and enjoy sports such as mountaineering, mountain biking, handgliding, golf, tennis, fishing at Lake Losetta, kayaking, horse riding, rafting and canoeing. A fitness center and sports hall complete the vast range of facilities on offer. An impressive number of excursions can be made.

Churches to visit include the Parish Church of St Antonio, and that of St Edoardo. Among the events held in Sestriere, visitors can assist the celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint, St Edoardo, and the Festival of Regina Pacis.

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