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An age-old mountain village, covered for great part of the year by a thick blanket of snow, Pescasseroli still conserves the traces of its feudal past, including the impressive remains of the Mancino castle. From the1970's onwards, Pescasseroli has steadily developed in to a popular winter holiday destination, complete with ski resorts, villas, residences, hotels and all the associated modern tourist services.

Defined as the "Cortina of central Southern Italy", the streets of Pescasseroli are often graced by celebrities of both the large and small screen as well as a regular stream of media-friendly of politicians. Given its somewhat impervious geographical position, the landscape has remained wonderfully untainted by the ravages of modern civilisation; maintaining a superb natural habitat for the rare birds of prey who soar above the mountainside through which crystal clear streams and bubbling torrents flow.

Pescasseroli is situated right in the heart of the National Park of the Abruzzo, one of the most important nature reserves in Italy. During the summer months, the town attracts those visitors eager to explore the mountains and observe the abundant flora and fauna which thrive there. Other than the Mancino Castle, the Church of the Madonna del Carmelo is more than worthy of visit.

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