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Sassari is the second most populated city of Sardinia. Looking out over the Gulf of Asinara, Sassari has a historic center rich in monuments including Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Giordano, the Rosello Fountain, Palazzo della Frumentaria, the Church of St Nicola, the Jesuit College, the Civic Theatre, Sassari Cathedral, the Convent of the delle Cappuccine Nuns, Palazzo della Provincia, the Church of St Sisto, the Church of the Madonna del Carmelo, the Church of S. Antonio Abate and the Church of St Giacomo.

The beaches along the coast of Sassari are particularly attractive, over thirty kilometers long, including that of Paltamona, Fiume Santo, Argenteria and Porto Ferro. The Mediterranean vegetation is exceptionally prolific, featuring a number typical Sardinian plants such as myrtle, arbutus or strawberry tree, and lentisk or mastic tree. Water is present in the Pilo and Paltamona pond, the Bunnari Basin and Lake Baratz. Events of certain interest: the Cavalcade, the Candelieri and the Rituals of the Holy Week.

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