Hotels to remember: Vico Equense

Bellevue Syrene


From € 490.00

Towers Hotel Stabiae Sorrento...

Castellammare di Stabia

From € 100.00

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria


From € 530.00

Marina Piccola 73


From € 136.00

Grand Hotel Angiolieri

Seiano di Vico Equense

From € 160.00

Grand Hotel La Favorita


From € 360.00

Hotel & Spa Bellavista Francischiello

Massa Lubrense

From € 139.00

Grand Hotel Capodimonte


From € 240.00

Relais Don Alfonso 1890

Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi

From € 300.00

Hotel Antiche Mura


From € 127.00

Villa Oriana Relais


From € 90.00

Relais Blu

Massa Lubrense

From € 365.00

MelRose Relais

Massa Lubrense

From € 138.00

Hotel Cristina


From € 110.00

Grand Hotel La Medusa

Castellammare di Stabia

From € 104.00

Cubo Apartments

Vico Equense

From € 140.00

Residenza Molini

Massa Lubrense

Villa dei D'Armiento

Sant'Agnello, Sorrento

Relais Correale


From € 99.00

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Vico Equense: introduction

Vico Equense Hotel

Situated to the North of the Sorrentine Peninsula, at the feet of Monte Faito, Vico Equense enjoys a fabulous position overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, and in the vicinity of the Lattari Mountains, across which one finds numerous farmhouses immersed in the lush countryside.

Inhabited since ancient times, traces of the constructions edified by the Etruscans, Sannites, Osci and particularly those of the Romans are still visible across the territory. The town's economy is based predominantly on tourism, agriculture and commerce. Vico Equense is home to numerous tourist facilities of recent construction as well as industries producing olive oil, dairy products and walnuts.

Vico Equense is known for its sulphurous arsenical water which have given rise to the Scrajo thermal baths, a well equipped spa center. For those interested in local history and culture, Vico Equense has a number of sites which are well worth visiting such as the Castle, the Cathedral of Vico Equense and the Campania Mineralogical Museum.

Vico Equense: suggestions from the hotels



Villa Oriana Relais

Guest Houses


Villa Oriana Relais is the ideal place where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday in a family atmosphere. It is surrounded by an orchard with orange and lemon trees and lies on on a hill with a fantastic view of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. (Villa Oriana Relais) →

Pierluigi D'Armiento


Villa dei D'Armiento


Pierluigi D'Armiento

Need a strategical gateway to Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast? Villa D'Armiento is the best one, with a spectacular view from "Belvedere Marinella" just a few steps far from the residence. (Villa dei D'Armiento) →

Melania Maucielo

(General Manager)

MelRose Relais

Small Boutique Hotels

Massa Lubrense, a magnificent reality that still retains the typical smells and flavors. Place for the most attentive people, is distinguished by its crystal clear waters, unspoilt bays, oil, lemons, provolone cheese and more ... (MelRose Relais) →

Vico Equense: places to see in the area