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The Brenta Dolomites

From the Churches of the Val Rendena to Madonna di Campiglio: a fascinating journey through a truly inspiring landscape.

The Brenta Dolomites

Our exploration of western Trentino commences in Tione di Trento, a town situated in a particularly favorable position for those wishing to enter the Val Rendena.

Just 15 minutes from Tione, lies the Scenico Castle, strategically located on the top of a hill from where it towers above the thoroughfares which traverse the Giudicarie Valleys.
This is definitely one of the most important and oldest of the region's fortresses and, in centuries past, symbolized the temporal dominion of the bishops of Trento.

Fishing in the Rendena valley

Travelling upwards along the SS239, beyond Iavré, Pelago and Spiazzo, we come to Pinzolo, in the high Rendena Valley.
This well known tourist destination, which became popular in the 1960's, is much loved by skiers who enjoy the well maintained ski slopes and ultra modern lifts.
Skiing is not the only sport to be enjoyed in the region and among the various outdoor activities practiced in the area, fishing in Lake Molveno is one of the most popular.

Lake Molveno is 123 meters deep, and an ideal place for those attempting to catch some of the indigenous alpine salmon

Masi and Macabre in Val Genova

Our arrival in the town of Carisolo, marks our entry to the Val Genova.
Carisolo is home to the Romanesque-Gothic Church of S. Stefano, accessed by way of an old mule path coasted by a via Crucis. On the exterior of the church, there is a series of frescoes by Simone II Baschenis depicting the Dance Macabre and the Life of St Stephen.
Just before Madonna di Campiglio, we come to Sant Antonio di Mavignola, an area rich in "masi", traditional mountain dwellings, and an ideal location for those searching for peaceful vacation in direct contact with nature.

Shopping, skiing and all that jazz

Madonna di Campiglio, immersed in the spectacular scenery of the Dolomites, is the principal tourist town in the area and offers an ample choice of hotels of every category.
The town is divided in Madonna di Campiglio Sud and Campo Carlo Mango. In the winter this so very fashionable resort offers both superb ski slopes and excellent shopping.
Each year, at the end of January, Madonna di Campiglio hosts the week long World Freestyle Championship, event which draws all of the most talented snowboarders to the town.

During the summer season it is the turn of the "Sounds of the Dolomites" festival, with various concerts of classical and jazz music being held in a number of stunning open air venues

A taste of Trentino

Of course, whilst here, it would be foolish not to indulge in a few of the local gastronomic specialties: such as Trentino's polenta or the green gnocchi, this latter dish also known with the curious name of strangolapreti (priest stranglers).
Not to be missed: dairy products such as the excellent Asiago cheese made from cow's milk or the classic poina ricotta. In the past, this cheese was often salted and smoked so as to better be conserved.
Apple is an ingredient found in almost all of Trentino's traditional cakes, of which the Strudel is, undoubtedly, the most famous of all.


Hotels in the area

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