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Arte Sella in Valsugana

Where nature becomes art and art becomes nature

Arte Sella in Valsugana

Borgo Valsugana, in the woods of the Sella Valley, provides the unique setting for an innovative form of contemporary art.

Art in nature

Along a four kilometer route, visitors come across the works of artists from every part of the world.
Dozens of organic, natural and biodegradable constructions have been created using materials found in the forest itself: stones, tree trunks, branches and leaves.

Environmental evolution

Every two years Arte Sella displays a number of new works, the creative evolution of which can be followed over time.

Perhaps the most fascinating and revolutionary aspect of the project is that many of the three dimensional works are left "abandoned" in the wood, to be slowly reabsorbed by the natural environment from which they originated

Giuliano Mauri's arboreal cathedral

Giuliano Mauri's "Cattedrale Vegetale" is, arguably, the most impressive piece of Sella Arte.
Constructed in 2001, this living sculpture consists of a cage made from wooden poles, assembled to represent the columns of a church nave.

Inside this cage, Mauri planted eighty hornbeam saplings. The artist claims that, in fifteen years time, the supporting structure will have gradually decayed and the hornbeams will have grown to form a completely organic "cathedral".

Seasonal magic

Although summer is the season when Arte Sella comes alive with the most events and creative workshops, it is well worth visiting the site in the autumn and winter months as well, when an unforgettable, almost magical, atmosphere pervades the woods and the entire "Art in Nature" route.

Arte Sella
Corso Ausugum 55-57
38051 Borgo Valsugana (Tn)
Tel: +39 0461 751251''


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