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Centro Caprense: introduction

Centro Caprense Hotel

Founded by the engineer and writer Edwin Cerio, the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio, and awarded status as a Moral Institution in 1949, was born from Cerio's desire to promote the historical, natural and artistic importance of Capri, with particular emphasis being given to the defence of the natural beauty of the island.

In addition to a well stocked library, the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio houses numerous collections: in one of which there are more than 20.000 naturalistic and archaeological exhibits collected by Ignazio Cerio; a herbarium with over 500 species; a collection of algae compiled by Oronzio Gabriele Costa and a naturalistic collection by Raffaello Bellini. The museum has rooms dedicated to four main areas: palaeontology and geology tracing the principal evolutionary stages of the island; zoology and botany, prehistory and proto history and archaeology.

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Nicolino Morgano

(General Manager)

La Scalinatella

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Nicolino Morgano

My father, Mario Morgano, conceived this hotel as small luxury hotel that could preserve a family-like atmosphere. The same philosophy we have been following till now. (La Scalinatella) →