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Blue Grotto: introduction

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First explored by the German painters Kopish and Fries, the Blue Grotto is now famous throughout the world thanks to its impressive dimensions and the spectacular blue hues produced by the light being filtered by the water.

The cave was already known to the Romans who used it as a maritime Nympheum of the Villa Gradola, positioned above the cavity; a use to which two statues found on the floor of the cave refiguring Poseidon and Triton and now housed in the museum of the Charterhouse of St Giacomo bare witness. Inside the Blue Cave, besides the display of blue light created by the water, there is an underground network of various cavities: the largest and most easily visible is the "Duomo Azzurro", a cavity measuring 60 meters in length in which one finds a platform built by the Romans, to the right of which there is the "Galleria dei Pilastri" and the "Sala dei Nomi", whilst to the left there are a series of passageways which most probably communicate with the nearby Guarracini cave. The Blue Cave is situated within the territory of Anacapri and can be reached both by sea from the port of Capri or by land.

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