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Natural Arch: introduction

Natural Arch Hotel

This monument created by nature, one of the most fascinating on the island, can be found in a corner of Capri which is well worth discovering. The Natural Arch is located approximately 30 minutes away from the center, at the end of the Via Matermania, on the southeast side of the island.

Here, amidst sheer cliff faces, precipices and rampant foliage, one finds the startling rock formation comprised of two pillars, 12 meters wide and towering 18 meters above the ground. The history of the formation of the Natural Arch can be traced via the various signs of erosion which have occurred over the centuries: in ancient times there would have been a great cavity, initially underground, which surfaced as a consequence of a series of landslides and was modelled by subsequent posterior and anterior erosion to "create" this unique monument, now a major tourist attraction.

The surrounding environment adds to the charm of the site, characterised by lush vegetation and breathtaking precipices and a view point which overlooks the sea to the South of Capri

Natural Arch: suggestions from the hotels

Nicolino Morgano

(General Manager)

La Scalinatella

5 Star Hotels

Nicolino Morgano

My father, Mario Morgano, conceived this hotel as small luxury hotel that could preserve a family-like atmosphere. The same philosophy we have been following till now. (La Scalinatella) →