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Fogliano Redipuglia: introduction

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After the end of First World War, following the construction of Redipuglia (from the Slovenian "middle land") a military memorial cemetery, the town council of Fogliano asked for, and was granted permission to rename the town "Fogliano Redipuglia".

Fogliano Redipuglia is home to Italy's largest military memorial cemetery, with over one hundred thousand graves of those who died in the First World War. The cemetery is a National Monument, and the symbol of the town, and has become a much visited tourist attraction.

The monument is situated at the feet of Mount Sei Busi with the tomb of the Duke of Aosta and those of his generals at its base, followed by 22 stone terraces occupied by those of identified victims and a final terrace for those of unidentified soldiers.

The monument is dominated by three great bronze crosses. One can also visit the chapel housing personal objects of the Italian and Austrian-Hungarian soldiers. The museum is of great interest with its numerous historical relics from the war.

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