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Marano Lagunare: introduction

Marano Lagunare Hotel

The founding of Marano Lagunare, which is of Roman origin, is connected to the city of Aquileia. Traces of this Roman past can be found in the numerous archaeological remains which have been found in the lagoon by fishermen and which are today preserved in the Marano Lagunare Municipal Museum and the Udine Castle Museum. Marano Lagunare is, today, a cultural island in Friuli.

As well as the Municipal Museum, visitors should take time to see the Civic Library and the Civic Center of Marano Lagunare, where the Archeosub Associations' permanent exhibition of mosaics, amphoras and coins, and the exhibition of art and popular traditions of Marano are to be found.

The area is also one of the most important oases for avifauna in the region and the whole of North East Italy. The Marano Luganare area is also a natural paradise, with its Canal Novo Nature Reserve and the marshland, known as Marano Luganare - Foci della Stella, which is between Marano Lagunare and Latisana, an area declared of International importance by the Ramsar Convention