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The art of wine in Alto Adige

The inspired viticulture of Alois Lageder.

The art of wine in Alto Adige

Alto Adige might be Italy's smallest wine producing area but, thanks to its favorable geographical position, protected from the cold Northern winds by the Alps and open to the temperate air from the Mediterranean coming up from the Adige valley, it is responsible for some of the country's most highly acclaimed bottles.

Magrè and the Löwengang estate

South of Bolzano, on the Alto Adige Wine Route, lies the town of Magrè, a stunning 19th century jewel, an harmonious grouping of buildings inspired by Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

It is here that, for over 150 years, the Lageder family has played an important role in the region's wine industry. In 1934 they purchased the Löwengang estate, now managed by Alois Lageder.

The Ansitz Löwengang Project

In addition to his undying love affair with wine, this dynamic business man has a great love of contemporary art.

It is this passion which has led Lageder to found the Ansitz Löwengang Project, and invite well known artists to the estate to create artworks which are then exhibited here as permanent fixtures.

The Winter Garden

The winter garden, designed by Christian Philipp Müller, lies at the heart of the property and it is here that the wine is tasted.
The plants and flowers which grow naturally around the grapevines have been planted here in a series of glass walled cubes.

Through the glass, visitors can observe the unique geological conformation of the terroir: a true celebration of nature and its generative powers.

The gravity of grapes

One of the guiding concepts of Alois Lageder's wine philosophy is that of maintaining the quality of the grapes used unaltered.

The grapes are cultivated according to biodynamic criteria, thus producing elegant, harmonious wines full of character

This philosophy is further demonstrated in the cellar which has been designed to exploit the forces of natural gravity.

The fruit gradually slides down the 15 meter tall vinification tower, following the various stages of its transformation from grapes, to must, to wine. This process, of free fall, avoids the pumping which might risk stressing the wines.

Casòn Hireschprunn and the Vineria Paradeis

In 1991, Alois Lageder purchased the Casòn Hirschprunn, a 13th century estate, where he is currently realizing an important wine producing ecological project.

For Alois Lageder, who is president of the iconic new Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museion of Bolzano Foundation, there is little difference between his wines and the works of art with which he surrounds himself

Here he has created the Vineria Paradeis wine cellar bar, with its courtyard garden, which has become an established meeting place for lovers of art, music and wine culture.

Alois Lageder
Guided tours of the Tòr Löwengang estate every Thursday at 15.00hrs
Vicolo dei Conti, 9
Magrè (Bolzano)
Tel: +39 0471 809 500
Vineria Paradeis
Piazza S. Geltrude, 5
Magrè (Bolzano)
Opening times: from Monday to Saturday from 09.00hrs to 20.00hrs

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