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Mediterranean wisdom

Ancient thermal springs and a five star resort in Tuscany's Val d'Orcia.

Mediterranean wisdom

Ever since the times when the Etruscans and, a little later, the Ancient Romans discovered the place, San Casciano dei Bagni, on the hills of Tuscany's Val d'Orcia, has been famous for its hot springs; springs which provide a constant supply of water rich in fluoride, sulphur, magnesium, and calcium. Set in one of the most enchanting landscapes in the whole of Tuscany, the Fonteverde thermal springs, the waters of which surface at a temperature of 42°, are the well-known "secret" of one of the region's most exclusive spa-hotels - the Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort.

Relaxing at this destination spa is easy: there are numerous thermal pools, including two indoor treatment pools, a Bioaquam pool (with some 22 different types of hydromassage), and, surrounded by magnificent views of the Tuscan countryside, there is an outdoor pool, lined in travertine and filled with cold water, which offers welcome relief from the heat of summer.

Fonteverde Resort's "Ancient Mediterranean Spa" area combines the therapeutic properties of typically Mediterranean elements, with wellness techniques of oriental origin. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used olive oil for its excellent moisturizing, purifying and protective properties. At Fonteverde, Tuscany's extra virgin olive oil is employed in a series of face and body treatments and as a principal ingredient in the resort's exclusive "Mediterranean Line" products.

The spa's "Five Elements theory" is inspired by an ancient tradition of Chinese medicine; based on the principle that human beings, like all things in nature, are regulated by five essences of energy: fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Five Elements treatments exploit the energy obtained from each element in order to restore natural balance. The "Salidarium", for example, is based on the element of Fire and involves the immersion in crystals of sea salt to stimulate the circulation and free the body of toxins. The Thalaquam massage uses the properties of water to release the energy of the meridians.

Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort
Località Terme, 1
53040 - San Casciano dei Bagni - Siena
Tel: +39 0578 57241


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