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Just a few kilometers from Ascoli Piceno, Fermo stretches out from the Tabulo Hill towards the valley. Once a Roman settlement, today Fermo is famous for its shoe industry. Its sand and pebble beach extends for roughly two kilometers.

Sites to visit include Palazzo Apostolico, Palazzo degli Studi, the Church of St Domenico, the Roman Pools, Palazzo Trevisani, the ruins of the Theatre, Piazza Grifalco, the Cathedral of Assunta, the Civic Art Museum, the Archeological Museum Antiquarium, the Museum of Natural Science, the Polar Museum, the Town Library.

In the area around Fermo are the Fonti di Palme thermal spa, the Civic Archeological Museum and the remains of the Roman Hellenistic Sanctuary.

Among the events of interest are the Sagra dei Piceni at Morrubbiano, the International Music Festival, the Crafts and Antiques Fair, the Palio of the Assunta, the Dispute of the Nzegna at Falerone, the Knights' tournament of Castel Clementino at Servigliano and the Mulled wine festival of Loro Picenio.

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Chiara Lucangeli


Fattoria Forano

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Chiara Lucangeli

Try to imagine a garden without boundaries,lying in the shade of mulberry trees,surrounded by vineyards,the peace and quiet of the countryside,waiting for the sunset bring with them the magic of summer nights made of cricke and fireflies. (Fattoria Forano) →

Maria Elena Cicchi


Villa Cicchi

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Just a relaxing vacation or an action-packed holiday? Choose to have a fascinating insight to life in Marche region! (Villa Cicchi) →

Antonella e Franco


Santomaro Country Loft

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Antonella e Franco

Discover the peaceful green countryside and magical medieval villages of Marche. Treat yourself to sunny days by the sea and romantic nights in the hills. (Santomaro Country Loft) →