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Neighboring Ancona, Castelfidardo, Osimo and Stirolo, Camerano is bordered by three waterways, the Aspio River and the Botanico and Betelico Streams. The residential area of Camerano is on the hillside and is comprised of three areas: Colle Lauro, Aspio Terme e San Germano.
The industrial base of the town is well developed.

The town is known primarily for the numerous underground caves: Grotte Manciforte e Costantini, Grotte di Palazzo Trionfi, Grotte di Palazzo Corraducci, Grotte di Palazzo Ricotti, Grotte del Torrone, Grotte del Cantinone and del Castelvecchio.

Other sites to visit include the Parish Church of Camerano, Palazzo Corraducci, the Church of St. Apollinare, the Church of St Faustina, the Maratti Theatre, the Madonna della Speranza, the Manciforte Gardens, and Fontevecchia.

Along the road leading to Poggio, close to St. Germano there is an ancient cone shaped formation the origins and purpose of which remain a mystery to this very day.

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Antonella e Franco


Santomaro Country Loft

Countryside Residences

Antonella e Franco

Discover the peaceful green countryside and magical medieval villages of Marche. Treat yourself to sunny days by the sea and romantic nights in the hills. (Santomaro Country Loft) →

Antonella e Franco


Santomaro Sea Loft

B&B and Homes

Antonella e Franco

Discover the seaside town of Civitanova Marche, both ancient and modern at the same time. The perfect "slow" destination, for those who just want to relax, it's close to fabulous designer fashion outlets and marvelous medieval villages too! (Santomaro Sea Loft) →

Chiara Lucangeli


Fattoria Forano

Farmhouse Holidays

Chiara Lucangeli

Try to imagine a garden without boundaries,lying in the shade of mulberry trees,surrounded by vineyards,the peace and quiet of the countryside,waiting for the sunset bring with them the magic of summer nights made of cricke and fireflies. (Fattoria Forano) →