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Museum of San Marco: introduction

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In an old Dominican convent, the restoration of which was commissioned by Cosimo Vecchio de' Medici, one finds the Museum of San Marco. The building was constructed by Michelozzo adhering to the architectural style of the great Brunelleschi. The convent has been at the center of fervid religious activity and political tumult, with a history dominated by the presence of figures such as Beato Angelico and Gerolamo Savonarola.

The Museum of San Marco is, today, a rare and perfectly intact example of a fifteenth century convent inside which visitors can admire the unique architecture conceived in its every detail so as to facilitate monastic life, from the cloisters to the library, this latter reputed to be the first public library of the renaissance period, and now housing a collection of extremely rare manuscripts. Numerous works of art can be found here including the frescoes by Fra Angelico adorning the large Casa Carità and Ghirlandaio's fresco depicting the last supper.