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Spa Gems

The magic ingredients of Grand Hotel Parker's stylish city spa.

Spa Gems

Since the late 1800's, the Grand Hotel Parker's has been a veritable institution in the great southern Italian city of Naples; the preferred destination of international travelers, intellectuals and celebrities, all hopelessly enamored by the elegance of the hotel's romantic rooms and, in particular by the sweeping panoramic terrace, arguably the most beautiful in the whole of Naples. Today, the five star luxury hotel also features an exclusive Spa, representing an oasis of relaxation and wellbeing in the very heart of the city: the Day Light Health Center Marc Mességué.

One of the exclusive new treatments offered by Grand Hotel Parker's Day Light Spa exploits the health inducing properties of Mediterranean red coral, specially formulated for application in facial treatments and treatments for the hands and feet. Spa experts are enthusiastic about the anti-aging properties of red coral, resulting from the high concentration of minerals such as iron, which aids the oxygenation of the skin; calcium, which favors coagulation; and magnesium, which activates those enzymes with anti aging action.

The Day Light spa offers a number of particularly luxurious treatments, including a fabulous dark chocolate body scrub, followed by a full body massage performed using cream. The hotel's Fattoria Villa Matilde winery supplies the primary ingredients used in the spa's Wine Therapy, such as grape must, which has a moisturizing and stimulating action; grape seed oil, known for its anti aging properties; and red grape leaves, rich in flavonoids and quercetin and, at the Daylight Spa, used in face masks, body wraps and infusions.

In addition to the spa, created for guests physical wellbeing, to nourish residents' minds, Grand Hotel Parker's has an impressive library, with hundreds of volumes, worthy of an establishment once frequented by the likes of Oscar Wilde and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Grand Hotel Parker's
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 135
Tel +39 081 7612474


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