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The other Capri

Discover the beauty of the island, beyond the glitz and glamour

The other Capri

So sophisticated and yet, at the same time, so wonderfully wild. If you want to discover Capri beyond the Piazzetta, you'll love these breathtakingly beautiful, amazingly panoramic and surprisingly solitary walks.

Capri from the top: Monte Solaro and Cetrella

Cloudcatcher. That's the name the locals give to Monte Solaro, Capri's 589m high mountain. The easiest way to reach its summit is by the chairlift, located in Piazza Vittoria, in Anacapri (you can get to Anacapri by bus from Marina Grande and from Capri town center).

Scared of heights? Don't worry: the chairlift floats slowly over the gardens of Anacapri, never more than 20 meters above the ground

If you enjoy walking, you can always choose to make your way up the mountain on foot, starting from Piazza Vittoria. The climb, which was apparently Pablo Neruda's favorite, will take you about an hour. Having reached the summit, make your way to the viewing point from where you can see the whole island of Capri spread out beneath you, Faraglioni included!

From the viewing point, take the little track through the Mediterranean scrub to reach the peaceful valley of Cetrella. The path leads past the little cottage where the Scottish writer, Compton MacKenzie, once resided and the Eremo di Cetrella, where Franciscan monks used to come to pray.
Perched on the edge of a sheer cliff face, the hermitage enjoys spectacular views over Capri and the surrounding sea. From the valley, abundant in fragrant myrtle and broom bushes, the path leads back down to the center of Anacapri.

Pizzolungo: from the Natural Arch to the Faraglioni

This walk gradually takes you away from Capri's celebrity-packed center, to experience some of the most spectacular scenery on the whole of the island. The walk starts in the Piazzetta. From the island's most famous square, take Via Longano as far as the "Croce" junction. Here, take Via Matermania to reach the Natural Arch: one of the island's most fascinating rock formations (here a photo is obligatory!)

From the Natural Arch turn back to the terrace, home to Capri's much-loved Le Grottelle restaurant and from here, walk down the 121 steps which lead to the Grotta di Matermania, cave where the ancient Romans used to honor the gods of the woods.
From the cave, the path continues through the holm oaks, towards the sea and along a route dotted with panoramic viewing points and solitary coastal villas, among which Curzio Malaparte's striking red villa, on Capo Masullo promontory, is by far the most impressive.

From here you'll soon spot Capri's 4th Faraglione, known as the Monacone, rising up out of the sea and shortly afterwards, its three famous sisters. The walk concludes at Punta Tragara and the terrace from where magnificent views of both Capri's legendary sea stacks and the bay of Marina Piccola can be seen.

Sentiero dei Fortini: from the Grotta Azzurra to the lighthouse

A more strenuous hike, best done in the company of a couple of friends and avoiding the hottest hours of the day, the Sentiero dei Fortini traces the coastline of Anacapri from the Grotta Azzurra all the way to Punta Carena, passing by the 18th century blockhouses built by the British to defend the island from attack and subsequently enlarged by the French, after the famous 'Presa di Capri' battle.

From the center of Anacapri, take the bus heading to the Grotta Azzurra, and ask to get off at the Orrico stop. From Orrico, the first of the blockhouses, the route takes you across deep gorges and past beautiful inlets to the Mesola and Pino blockhouses. The perfect conclusion to this spectacular walk? A swim in the sea beneath Anacapri's lighthouse, or Faro.


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