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Pop! goes the future

Applied art and the history of Futurism in Rovereto

Pop! goes the future

If you like Pop Art, have always wanted to know more about Futurism, and fancy a bit of culture between skiing sessions, Rovereto is the city for you!
An amazing metropolitan mélange of tradition and modernity, sport and culture; since 2002, Rovereto has been home to MART, the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto.

Mart, the contemporary heart of Rovereto

The Swiss architect, Mario Botta, was the man responsible for the realization of the museum, located behind Palazzo Annona and Palazzo Alberti. He transformed the space between the two 18th century edifices into a corridor leading to a large steel and glass domed courtyard, in which sculptures by Mimmo Paladino are displayed. From here, the visitor has access to four floors of exhibition space, and hundreds of works of Futurist, Pop, and Contemporary art.

In addition to its permanent collection, the Mart organizes numerous temporary exhibitions and events, throughout the year and for all ages

Back to the future, in Casa Depero

Just a 10 minutes stroll way from the Mart, in via Portici 38, the recently renovated Casa d'Arte Futurista Depero offers art lovers a full-immersion in the explosive creativity of Italy's Futurist Movement. As well as the permanent exhibition, Casa Depero hosts numerous temporary shows, events and performances.

A museum just like me

One of the most interesting protagonists of Italian Futurism, Fortunato Depero spent the majority of his life in Rovereto. In 1919, he created the "Casa d'arte futurista" where he realized his 'applied art', creating posters, toys and furniture and just about anything that he considered to be both aesthetically pleasing and useful.
It was not until 1957, that the Council of Rovereto agreed that his work could be displayed, permanently, in what was once the municipal pawn shop.

The artist left the city a treasure chest filled to the brim with art: a collection of some 3000 works including paintings, tapestries, drawings, collages, and posters

From rags to riches and back: the evolution of futurism

In 2009, after lengthy restoration work and to coincide with the centenary celebrations of the Futurist Movement, the Museo Depero was reopened to the general public.
Depero's large cloth patchworks, including "Il Corteo della gran bambola" and "Danza di Diavoli", are displayed on the first floor. These colorful and energetic works are, arguably, the most important works in the museum. The other floors are devoted to 1917-1918, one of the artist's most prolific periods, inspired by the Russian Ballet Dancers of Dighilev, and to 1928-1930, the years when Depero lived and worked in New York.

Essential info

Corso Bettini 43 - Rovereto
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 10 - 18 (Friday closes at 21)
Casa Depero
Via Portici 38
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 10-18


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