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Lopriore's Canto

Cutting-edge cuisine at the Certosa di Maggiano.

Lopriore's Canto

The discovery of the Certosa di Maggiano and its "Il Canto" restaurant is not without its surprises.
The traveler who finds himself in the green countryside around Siena and comes upon this 5 star hotel for the first time, is more often than not left speechless when presented with the sumptuous decor of the hotel's elegant public rooms and the award winning cuisine served to guests who dine in the hotel's restaurant.

Originally built as Carthusian convent, the Certosa dates back to 1314. The complex was beautifully restored by the eminent architect and interior decorator, Renzo Mongiardino, after the property was purchased by the current owner, Anna Grossi Ricordati in 1969.
The Certosa di Maggiano is set in 4 hectares of parkland, part of which is occupied by the vegetable gardens and orchards, which provide many of the ingredients used in the hotel's kitchen.

Certosa di Maggiano's "Il Canto" restaurant is located in what was once the convent's kitchen and still features the old wood burning oven and ancient walled stoves. This is the realm of Paolo Lopriore, a talented young chef whose various accolades include Gambero Rosso's prestigious "Three Forks".

A meal at Il Canto is a multisensorial eating experience which diners are unlikely to forget.

One-time pupil of the great Gualtiero Marchesi, Lopriore has worked in a number of famous Italian and international restaurants, from Florence's Enoteca Pinchiorri to the Roanne's Maison Troisgros in France.
Inspired by the abundance of seasonal ingredients produced in Tuscany's fertile green countryside, Lopriore uses regional products to great effect, experimenting with forms and consistencies to create unexpected and exquisite taste sensations.

Lopriore is rightly considered to be one of Italy's most innovative and courageous chefs.
He intentionally uses flavors that others shy away from, demonstrating his culinary creativity in apparently simple dishes such as the fabulous "Monochrome of raw scampi": a symphony of tastes created using the freshest scampi, carrot juice and a fantastic lemon paste, which the chef makes using the flesh and zest of the citrus fruits cultivated in the hotel gardens.

Lopriore gives meticulous attention to every aspect of each meal, and even the freshly baked rolls and bread sticks are personally prepared by the chef. The "Gioco di forme, consistenze e sapori" (play of forms, consistencies and flavors) tasting starter is the perfect introduction to Lopriore's artistry.

Restaurant Il Canto
Hotel Certosa di Maggiano
Strada di Certosa, 82/86 - Siena
Tel. +39 0577 288180

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