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Giovanni De Vivo's excellent cuisine at Hotel Terme Manzi.

2 Michelin stars, 5 tables, and an equip of at least 12 cooks: the vital statistics of Ischia's exclusive Il Mosaico restaurant.

The restaurant is located in Casamicciola, within the walls of the Hotel Terme Manzi: a 5 star resort with a long thermal tradition, having been constructed on the site of the historic Gurgitiello spring where none other than Giuseppe Garibaldi came to recover from injuries sustained during the Battle of Aspromonte.

The restaurant was awarded the first of its two Michelin stars within only a few months of its opening, largely thanks to the talent of Giovanni De Vivo, who began his career as pastry chef before gaining the Michelin star in 2015.

Giovanni De Vivo's spectacular dishes are prepared looking for a new balance between tradition and innovation, always respecting the freshness and the simple flavor of the ingredients. Guests dining at Il Mosaico are treated to delicious and exquisitely presented dishes.

Nothing is left to chance and, in addition to the exciting à la carte menu and exhaustive wine list, guests are presented with separate menus for water, oil, salt and coffee, all compiled by Il Mosaico's impeccable maitre.
The first surprise to be delivered to guests' tables arrives in the form of a selection of handmade rolls and grissini, served in a "bureau" which the chef himself designed, followed by a succession of dishes all of which are almost too beautiful to eat.

Di Costanzo's signature dishes include "Red prawns, with passion fruit and orange, on vanilla rice and lime", the fabulous "coniglio all'acqua pazza", in which the island's rabbit is cooked using a technique normally employed for fish and "fresh line caught seabass steamed in hay vapour".

Di Costanzo's magic is performed using the area's plentiful fish and seafood, the sun-ripened vegetables grown in the Ischia allotments and the cheeses produced on the nearby Amalfi Coast: ingredients which he masterly transforms into mouthwatering delicacies such as "lobster with buffalo ricotta, peppers and parsley", or "roasted scallops of turbot filled with dried tomatoes and black olives".
The flavors of even the most complex recipes are always incredibly well balanced. The flamboyantly artistic character of Di Costanzo's compositions, is one of the eclectic chef's hallmarks.
The dessert menu pays homage to the great Neapolitan tradition, in the form of "sfogliatelle", "pastiera flavored ice-cream", "pasticciotto" and "delizia al limone". At the conclusion of the meal, guests receive a freshly baked loaf of bread, as parting gift.

Those looking for a truly unforgettable eating experience should try to book the "Chef's table": a table for two located in the heart of the kitchen from which guests are able to assist the preparation of their meal, only inches away from its creator.

Restaurant Il Mosaico
Hotel Terme Manzi
Piazza Bagni, 4
Casamicciola Terme - Ischia
Tel. +39 081 994722

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