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Chocolate Lessons

Perugia's school for aspiring chocolatiers.

Chocolate Lessons

Perugia has long been considered the Italian capital of chocolate, even more so since it started hosting the annual Eurochocolate exhibition, the chocolate industry's most important trade event.

Since 1904, Perugia has been home to the world famous chocolate factory, the Perugina

Chocolate for everybody!

Opening its doors to both adults and children with a passion for chocolate, the Perugina chocolate company has founded the School of Chocolate, offering a rich calendar of courses and 14 workstations equipped with all that is necessary to create the food of gods.

Each course lasts half a day and is designed to introduce students to the basics of the art of chocolate making, and also to the world of chocolate tastings, with tips on how to become veritable chocolate sommeliers.

Mouthwatering master classes

The Master Tutto Latte and Master Tutto Fondente explore the history of chocolate, the characteristics of the ingredients used, and the various production methods.

Those with a creative vein will love the Corsi d'Artista which encourage students to create and decorate their very own praline, or the theme courses Mamma dolce mamma and Pasqua in fantasia.

Working with chocolate

An ad hoc course is available for students attending hospitality and catering schools and is designed to introduce them to the various career opportunities for chocolatiers.

Did you know, the School of Chocolate provided the set for the award winning film Lessons in Chocolate starring Neri Marcore, Luca Argentero and Violante Placido?

Lessons are held by Perugina's master chocolatiers, who not only explain step-by-step the fundamental techniques of chocolate making, but also offer a fascinating insight into the history of chocolate, its physical and emotional benefits, the various methods of conservation, and indications for its ideal consumption.

To make the experience all the more interesting, chocolate lessons can be combined with a visit to the Chocolate Museum and the Perugina Chocolate factory.

Nestlè Perugina
Viale San Sisto
San Sisto, Perugia

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