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White magic

Mediterranean pleasures in Puglia's luxury Masseria & Spa

Occupying a beautifully restored Puglian farmhouse, in the country just outside Polignano a Mare, the coastal town famous for its fascinating sea caves, the aptly named Borgobianco Resort & Spa is easy to spot: its white façade standing out against the intense blue of the Mediterranean sky, the silvery green of Puglia's olive trees, and the deep gold of the region's sun-scorched earth.

Swimming amidst the olive trees, listening to the silence

The resort's large outdoor pool, framed by century-old olive trees, is divided into two sections: one with hydromassage facility. The water is heated to maintain a constant temperature of 30°C, making outdoor bathing an option from early spring to late autumn.
During the summer season, light lunches and drinks are served by the pool. In the spa there is an indoor swimming pool, a Turkish bath, sauna and gym.

Getting back into shape with Tisanoreica

Borgobianco Resort's spa method combines traditional therapies with the latest in wellness research. All packages include a personalized diet plan, and for those eager to shed a few pounds, there are slimming programs created in collaboration with Tisanoreica.

Many of the ingredients used to create Borgobianco's deliciously light, flavor-packed dishes are grown in the kitchen garden. A drizzle of the resort's excellent extra virgin olive oil is the only dressing required!

The essence of the Mediterranean

The resort's wellness center offers a number of irresistible treatments by Declèor, such as the aromatic apricot, argan, ginger and cinnamon scrub, and the "Terres d'eprices", which uses algae and Ghassou - a soapy clay of Moroccan origin, to reduce water retention and obtain a noticeably slimmer silhouette.

If you intend to spend time bathing in the Mediterranean sun, you'll want to try the spa's Reve de Soleil first, a treatment which prepares the skin for exposure and guarantees a lasting tan.
Aromatherapy fans will love the aromamassage performed with irresistible mixtures of essential oils, such as basil, black pepper and grapefruit or lemongrass and mint.

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Borgobianco Resort & Spa
Contrada Casello Cavuzzi
Polignano a Mare (Bari)
Tel: +39 080 88 70 111


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