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Sicilian spa sensations

The island's largest spa and a dream hotel in Mazara del Vallo.

Sicily's largest beauty farm is located within the walls of a spectacular 5 star hotel named after Costanza d'Altavilla, mother of the emperor Federico II.
Set amidst great expanses of olive trees and grapevines, Hotel Giardino di Costanza (ex Kempinski) is just minutes away from Mazara del Vallo, an historic city built on the extreme point of western Sicily, which, like the hotel, represents a seductive mélange of Arabian and Western culture, art and architecture.

These days, privacy and quiet have become luxuries - these abound in this peaceful resort, in part due to the latest in phonic-absorbing technology, in part thanks to the hotel's 100.000sqm gardens, complete with water features and some 90 magnificent palm trees. The splendid clear blue sea of Mazara del Vallo is a mere 7kms away.

The hotel's Nakhlah Spa is named after the date palm, which, according to the Arabian tradition, promotes longevity and wellbeing. Designed by the Iranian architect, Reza Rahmanian, responsible for the beauty farm of the Royal Mirage Hotel in Dubai, the 2100sqm wellness center is characterized by an intriguing combination of contemporary design and Middle Eastern inspired details.
Via a vaulted corridor reminiscent of a Sultan's palace, guests access rooms in which they enjoy steam baths and relaxing massages performed with aromatic oils.

The spa uses products and cosmetics by Daniela Steiner and offers a treatment menu featuring both Western and Eastern therapies performed using traditional Sicilian ingredients including the island's citrus fruit, olive oil, almond oil and marine salt. The spa's exclusive '"longevity center" specializes in the latest in age management techniques.

Water is, of course, one of the spa's principal therapeutic and decorative elements; used in fountains, waterfalls, and swimming pools. For holidaymakers seeking maximum luxury, Hotel Giardino di Costanza has two 130sqm Penthouse suites, each with a splendid garden and private swimming pool.

Hotel Giardino di Costanza
via Salemi, km 7.100
Mazara del Vallo (Trapani)
Tel: +39 0923 675554


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Hotel Giardino di Costanza

Mazara del Vallo

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