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Homeating: Culture and Cuisine in Naples

Brunch and dinner served in historic residences around Naples

Homeating: Culture and Cuisine in Naples

Naples is one of Italy's most vibrant cities, captivatingly authentic, with welcoming locals, unique neighborhoods, fascinating history, and artistic and architectural masterpieces to recommend it. From sumptuous palazzi to gritty back alleys, Naples will win any visitor over with its bustling energy and stunning views.

This sprawling city on the Bay of Naples will surprise you with its hidden wonders tucked into understated squares and tiny lanes, home to Baroque churches, underground crypts, and Greek and Roman ruins. Picturesque warrens of historic alleys and monumental contemporary architecture sit side by side, creating a one-of-a-kind urban atmosphere. It is said that the city of Naples itself is a monument, and it takes just a few minutes for any visitor to this unforgettable city to understand why!

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Even the local cuisine is remarkable. A meal in Naples is not just daily routine, but an important cultural ritual. Traditional dishes are prepared with care and passion, and gathering around the table with friends and family for a leisurely meal is sacrosanct.

Neapolitans are rightfully proud of their culinary traditions and their meals elevated to an artform, which is one of the most important aspects of the city's history and culture. Homeating celebrates this deeply-rooted tradition and culture by inviting visitors to explore Naples with all five senses, combining the pleasure of the table with the fun of a cross-cultural exchange.

A number of Naples' extravagant historic residences will be opening their doors for the first time to participate in this "social eating" experience, where visitors and guests can sample gourmet dishes in exceptional surroundings.

Would you love to dine in a home and studio dating from the 1700's near a Botanical Garden. Or a grotto and workshop in the heart of the Capodimonte neighborhood? Perhaps you'd like to brunch above the rooftops of the historic center?

More than just a meal in an exclusive location, Homeating is an opportunity to meet new people, both local and visiting, and make new cross-cultural friendships!

Kayaking by Sunset and Dinner at Marechiaro

Naples is surrounded by blue, from the endless clear skies above to the Mediterranean lapping at its coast below. For a unique and unforgettable way to experience this city, try kayaking in the waters of Gaiola at sunset where the Marechiaro sea sparkles with the thousand colors which have inspired poets and musicians for centuries.

The excursion ends with a fabulous dinner at '"Dans L'Eau" featuring an exclusive menu created by Maria Laura - Lolly to her friends- the hostess of this gorgeous villa overlooking the sea. We'll spend a relaxing evening savoring traditional dishes under the stars.

The Historic Center and Brunch at Palazzo Marigliano or Dinner at Palazzo dello Spagnolo

If you love the energy Naples' downtown with its tiny back alleys and bustling locals sipping coffee in the squares, you'll love this tour through the beating heart of this captivating metropolis!

You can choose between two itineraries: the labyrinth of streets and main monuments in Naples' Old Town, including the Monastery of Santa Chiara, Piazza del Gesù, Spaccanapoli (one of the most famous neighborhoods in Naples), and San Gregorio Armeno; or an exclusive itinerary which includes some of the city's most fabulous historic palazzi including Palazzo Filomarino, Palazzo Venezia, Palazzo Carafa della Spina, Palazzo Diomede Carafa, and many others.

Regardless of which itinerary you choose, you will be able to enjoy the spirit and hum of this city from above during your brunch from the rooftop Palazzo Marigliano.

This unique brunch is served from the roof of the Church San Gennaro all'Olmo, which takes up one wing of Palazzo Marigliano. This is the most important Renaissance palazzo in Naples, and brunch here features elegant fusion dishes made with both white and red meats served with a variety of sauces.

"We love sharing Naples' hidden treasures. Join us and discover the secrets of this city! We'll even tell you Neapolitan secret revealed by Giordano Bruno, the philosopher and heretic burned at the stake in 1600."

If you prefer to spend your day exploring and relax over a meal in the evening, you can opt for dinner at Palazzo dello Spagnolo after the tour of Naples' historic center and Sanità neighborhood.

This extraordinary palazzo from the 1700's is famous for its elaborate double ramp staircase, which has made it one of the most famous sights in the Sanità neighborhood. We'll enjoy dinner in one of the private apartments in the palazzo, savoring the best of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

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