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A Plateful of Naples

From pizza to 18th century haute cuisine, Neapolitan style.

A Plateful of Naples

Discover the secrets of Neapolitan pizza, learn the techniques of haute patisserie, or simply acquire some rudimentary cooking skills. Since 1992 all this has been possible in Naples, in the kitchen of a beautiful villa in the city's Vomero district, thanks to Carmela Caputo: a biologist with a passion for cooking. Her "CucinAmica" cooking school offers an extensive range of courses, from basic to advanced, including specialist courses such as that devoted to the aristocratic cuisine of 18th century Naples.

Those with a Celiac condition will be delighted to discover that, in this land famous for its pasta, pizza and cakes, one of CucinAmica's "special courses" is devoted to the preparation of the gluten free recipes which Carmela has been studying for years. Cooking lessons should be fun and informative and Carmela's courses for children (aged 6 years and upwards) have been designed to develop kids' culinary creativity whilst, at the same time, introducing them to the principles of healthy eating.

Not surprisingly, particular emphasis is given to regional and Neapolitan cuisine, with lessons on the preparation of traditional dishes, including babà, sfogliatelle, and, of course, pizza. CucinAmica is not just a cooking school. Other services provided by the company include "Made to Measure Cakes", specialized in custom designed cakes, and "Food-Styling", with lessons in table and food decoration held by Carmela's daughter.

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