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Urban romance

Places to get seriously smoochy, in Milan

Urban romance

The dynamic, design and business-orientated Milan might not be the first place that springs to mind when choosing a location for a romantic city break in Italy, and yet the capital of Lombardy is home to a surprising number of places guaranteed to get even the stiffest of upper lips in to kiss-me mode.

Landmarks of love

Milan's Duomo is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the world's most beautiful cathedrals.
One of the reasons being that from its panoramic terraces a unique view of the whole of the historic center of Milan can be seen.

A spectacular stone landscape of flying buttresses, spires and spurs, suspended 70 meters above the city, the wide terraces cover a total of 8.000sqm, paved entirely in precious Candoglia marble

As they walk through the perimeter corridors, visitors can admire a staggering 1800 statues, realized between the 14th and the 19th century.

Duomo di Milano, Rooftop & Museum
Explore Italy's grandest Gothic cathedral and enjoy stunning views.
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Vintage Milan

To get a taste of bygone Milan, couples should stop off at the Latteria dal 1907, the historic milk bar in Via Vigevano no.33, close to Porta Genova.
Inside, there are just five tables, surrounded by white shelves, stacked with old fashioned sweet jars filled with colored candy and the metal tins which once contained Italy's most famous brand of baby biscuits.
Apart from organic milk and yogurts, Latteria del 1907 sells scrumptious homemade cookies, a wonderfully frothy cappuccino, and strong Italian coffee topped with a generous dollop of cream, for two.

A walk in the woods

A wood and a secret garden in the heart of the city: two unexpected and wonderfully romantic green spaces, beautiful in every season of the year. Boscoincittà was the first example of urban forestation in Italy.
No ordinary city park, this is an authentic wood bang in the center of the metropolis managed by Italia Nostra and easily reached by bus or bike.

The entrance to the wood is in Via Novara no.340, close to the finely restored Antica Casina di San Romano, outside of which there are tables and benches perfect for a picnic

In Via Brera, one of the most attractive areas in central Milan, situated within the walls of Palazzo Brera, where the city's Pinacoteca, Astronomical observatory, and Academy of Art are housed, there is also a Botanic Garden. This secluded garden, rich in trees, bushes and flowers of every variety, is an oasis of peace and tranquility in Italy's busiest of cities.

Pinacoteca di Brera: Fast Track
This building is home to the Brera Academy for Fine Arts, with over 500 priceless artworks dating from the 14th - 20th century.
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Dinner for two

To conclude the day, what could be better than an intimate dinner for two in a historic eatery, savoring the flavors of a Milan that many declare elsewhere no longer exist?
The Trattoria la Madonnina occupies an ancient postal station dating back to 1792 in Milan's Ticinese district, one of the liveliest and most characteristic in the whole city, right next to the Naviglio canal.
Trattoria La Madonnina is nostalgically furnished, with antique tables, chairs and photos of old Milan, and this evocation of the past extends to the menu, which features all time Milanese greats, such as saffron risotto, braised veal shanks,breaded fried veal chops and homemade jam tarts.



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