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The Bertol Twins

A brotherly love - for the flavors of Trentino

The Bertol Twins

Once upon a time there was a house on the edge of the woods. Inside this house two brothers spent all day, and much of the night, conjuring up every kind of magic, using various pots, pans and bottles.

It might seem like the start of a fairytale, but then Hotel Orso Grigio of Ronzone, in the heart of Trentino and the Val di Non, is perfect fairytale material.

Great minds think alike

The hotel's restaurant is managed by different yet, at the same time, like-minded twin brothers: chef Cristian Bertol and enologist Renzo Bertol.

Together, they form a veritable "taste task force", producing a cuisine rooted in the territory, yet capable of reaching out to touch diverse corners of the globe.

The venue in which the brothers perform their wizardry is characterized by that simple Alpine elegance which is typical of Trentino.

Christian's kitchen

Having occupied a string of important International posts, Cristian Bertol decided to join his brother in the management of the family hotel's restaurant. He is now a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe.

Christian's cuisine is a declaration of his Trentino origins, origins which form the basis of unique dishes such as his "Cappelletti with fossa cheese and Jerusalem artichoke sauce", or "Venison cuts with red-current, polenta from Storo and Spadona pear with saffron"

One of the strong points of the restaurant is the kitchen garden where the delicious fresh herbs and vegetables used in Cristian's dishes are grown.

Renzo's wine cellar

For Renzo, the world of wine is an all-absorbing passion to which he devotes much of his time and most of his energy.

He scouts out those independent cellars where small quantities of high quality wines are produced; concentrating his attention on the subtle, yet fundamental, differences, between the various vintages so that he can suggest the perfect accompaniment which will exalt the taste of each of his brother's dishes.

The result of Renzo Bertol's painstaking research is the "Temple of Wine": a 400sqm cellar dug in to the rocks, which houses some 35.000 bottles

Restaurant Orso Grigio
Via Regole, 10/12
Ronzone (Trento)
Ristorante tel. +39 0463 880625

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