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Picture perfect

The sky's the limit at Rome's Hotel Atlante Star

When it seems like you can touch the dome of St Peter's with a finger and the sky above Rome is only a stone's throw away, it's time to start taking pictures!

That's just what guests staying at Atlante Star Hotel might be found doing as they enjoy breakfast on the hotel's spectacularly panoramic Roof Garden.
And this is just the start to a day, never to be forgotten, spent capturing the unmistakable skyline of Rome on film.

The view from St Peter's

Hotel Atlante Star's strategic position means that all of the most beautiful sites in the Italian capital are within easy reach.
A day spent snapping unforgettable cityscapes might easily begin with a trip to the Basilica of St Peter's to make the hike up to the tip of the 136m high dome, and an awesome 360° view of the Italian capital.

As you queue to purchase your ticket, you'll have time to decide whether to walk up the full 500 steps (5 euro) or take the lift and avoid the first 200 (7 euro). Whatever you choose, you'll have to cover the last 300 steps on foot.The view from the top will be a handsome reward for your efforts.

Under the wings of the archangel

The next stop is Castel Sant Angelo and, more precisely, the Terrazza del Angelo, widely considered to be one of the most beautiful viewing points in Rome. The name of the terrace at the top of the castle derives from the gigantic statue of the Archangel Michael which watches over visitors, and much of the eternal city.
From here the view sweeps over the whole of the historic center, beyond the river Tiber to the foot of what was once the Pope's castle. Turning towards St Peter's you can see the Passetto del Borgo, which links Castel Sant Angelo with the Vatican palaces.

The sunset seen from Belvedere del Pincio

At this stage the exploration of Rome can continue, destination the Terrazza del Pincio. From Castel Sant'Angelo, follow the flow of the Tiber and cross the bridge to reach Piazza del Popolo. From here walk up the steps leading to the Belvedere del Pincio. After having taken a few shots, continue as far as Villa Borghese for a stroll in the shady gardens.

Dining in paradise

What better way to conclude a day spent immortalizing Rome's skyline than with a dinner at Hotel Atlante Star's Les Etoiles restaurant, savoring Mediterranean cuisine and a view of the eternal city which might well leave you speechless...

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Atlante Star Hotel
Via G.Vitelleschi , 34 - 00193


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