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Mister Tulip

Pralormo Castle's much-awaited spring flower festival.

Mister Tulip

Pralormo Castle is situated in the heart of Piedmont, in the countryside of Langhe Roero Monferrato, between Turin and Alba.

Castle culture

Since 1680, the castle has been the home of the same noble family, that of the Counts Berardo of Parlormo.
Over the last 20 years the present owners have supervised a series of important restoration projects, in preparation for the opening of the castle to the general public and its use as exclusive venue for important artistic and cultural events

An English garden in Piedmont

Although the origins of the edifice date back to the middle ages, Castle Pralormo's appearance is that of an authentic 19th century aristocratic country residence.
It was in this period that the castle's gardens were designed, in romantic English style, by the landscape designer Xavier Kurten.

The garden's iron and glass greenhouse was brought here from Paris in the late 1800's as a wedding gift

The castle is open to the general public from March to October and visits include a tour of the cellars, the kitchen, ball room and servants' quarters, all of which perfectly conserve their 19th century charm.

Mister Tulip Flower Festival

One of the most eagerly awaited events hosted in the castle grounds each year is the Mister Tulip flower festival.
From late March to early May the garden is home to an incredible display of over 50.000 tulips in flower, accompanied by any number of daffodils, peonies, irises and violets.

Result of the Countess Consolata's passion for botany, since the year 2000, the Mister Tulip has been an unmissable spring appointment, each edition characterized by the introduction of new varieties and colors of Tulip.

The presence of abundant crops of tulips does not alter the structure of the historic gardens designed by Kurten; the flowers appearing, as if by magic, between the trees and in the flowerbeds hugging the fields.

Mister Tulip is a celebration of the tulip and the incredible transformations which, over the last 500 years, the Dutch tulip growers have managed to make the flower perform, in terms of color, size, perfume and form

A number of the varieties presented during Mister Tulip are on show for the very first time in Italy and during the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to order the bulbs which will be sent to their home address in the autumn, ready for planting.

Castello di Pralormo
Via Umberto I, 26
Pralormo (Torino)
Tel: +39 011 884870

Visits to the castle:
from 28 March to 25 October (August closed).
From Tuesday to Sunday by reservation and for groups only.
On Sundays and public holidays without reservation for individual visitors.

During the Mr Tulip festival:
every day from 10.00hrs to 18.00hrs


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