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Magazine food

Cooking courses for all ages at Milan's Scuola della Cucina Italiana.

Magazine food

Cucina Italiana is not just one of Italy's most loved gourmet magazines, it is also a cooking school, located in Milan's central Piazza Aspromonte, right next to the magazine's head quarters.

This is a special school, designed for all those with a passion for cooking and eager to improve their skills in a stimulating and lively environment.

The culinary calendar

Courses are inspired by the festivals, seasonal ingredients, and gastronomic traditions present in the various regions of Italy.

In addition, there are lessons introducing pupils to the cuisine of other countries and enticing courses such as "Pigri in cucina" (Lazy in the kitchen), featuring recipes and tricks ideal for those who want to cook well with minimum effort.

"Quando la moglie è in vacanza" (When the wife is on holiday) has been custom-designed for abandoned husbands tired of eating out of a tin

Cooking, one-to-one

Those who have difficulty deciding which course to take, or who want one-to-one tuition, can request individual lessons, tailor made to meet their requirements, taught by a professional chef.

The school also organizes gastronomic theme evenings with the contribution of food experts who assist the participants during tastings and chefs, ready to reveal the secrets of each recipe

Teaching in the kitchen

Scuola della Cucina Italiana's premises have been custom-designed to cater for every kind of course; with a teaching kitchen, with a large desk from which to follow the chef at work and individual work stations for those who want to put what they have learnt into practice immediately; a special room with large marble bench and all the equipment necessary for making cakes, pizza and bread; and a restaurant dining room where tastings and theme evenings are held.

Little cooks, big chefs

Created for the kids, the school's "Gastroteche" are held in the afternoon, by a chef who accompanies youngsters on a series of entertaining adventures in the kitchen. Lessons last for 90 minutes and include a snack.

Whilst the kids are busy in the kitchen, accompanying adults can participate in one of the tea tastings held by Barbara Sighieri in Milan's "La Teiera Elettrica" shop

La Scuola della Cucina Italiana
Piazza Aspromonte, 15
tel. 02 70642242

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