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Locanda Don Serafino

Award winning Sicilian cuisine in the Baroque city of Ragusa Ibla.

Situated in the heart of the magnificent baroque city of Ragusa Ibla, in ancient stone buildings which once served as stores for the Church dei Miracoli, the Locanda Don Serafino is one of Sicily's finest restaurants. An attractive combination of graceful arches and thick, exposed stone walls characterizes the dining rooms of a restaurant created with the intention of offering the very best of the island's hospitality, architecture and cuisine. Locanda Don Serafino is a family project: the La Rosa brothers named the restaurant after their father, Serafino, who opened the city's successful Lido Azzurro eatery, situated on the beach of Marina di Ragusa, in the early 1950's.

Locanda Don Serafino more than deserves its Michelin Star; awarded in recognition of the faultless hospitality offered by the owners, and the culinary flair of Vincenzo Candiano, a young chef who, ever since he started cooking (at the tender age of 11), has accumulated a string of prestigious accolades for his superb regional cuisine. Candiano's delicious, unmistakably Sicilian, dishes include Lasagnette with plain cocoa and ricotta cheese, Mackerel with tender courgette leaves and tomato "capuliatu", and Rabbit with bacon and Bronte pistachio.

Guests dine at elegantly set tables in the stone walled dining rooms or by candlelight in the cellar, where over 1000 labels of wine are housed. Not to be missed: Locanda Don Serafino tastings of Sicilian olive oils, accompanied by a selection of homemade breads, including a fabulous bread made with carob floor. Equally unmissable and offering the perfect conclusion to a meal: the selection of 5 local cheeses served with Candiano's deliciously fresh ricotta mousse.

Reserved for aficionados of fine tobacco, Locanda Don Serafino's intimate Cigar room boasts an excellent selection of Cuban cigars, rums and cognacs. Locanda Don Serafino now also provides luxurious guest accommodation, in ten beautifully furnished rooms located in a 19th century building, just a few meters away from the restaurant.

Locanda Don Serafino
Via 11 Febbraio. 15
97100 Ragusa Ibla
Tel: +39 0932 220065

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